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  • Peter Cohoon - Would be great.....if it worked properly.

    Ordered 2 of these because the idea is great. Neither one shows up on the GPS map. I keep getting a "no location" error message even after reinstalling the app and repairing the devices. there is NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT link on the company's page. I've reordered 2 in case it was the device. Will update if those ones work properly.

  • Don Palmer - A Fast, Flesible Read

    Downloaded the mag to both my Kindle and iPhone gives me the flexibility to start, stop, continue an article as the situation dictates.

  • David Gobel - put this in my wavetrac limited slip differential

    No more wheel spin -yipeee! Wavetrac confirmed that it is approved for use in their differential bits, and the price was about half of the other approved lubricants. Smooth as silk and no gear whine from the diff.

  • Ruackel - Awesome and simple enough

    This is a pretty simple easy to follow book I will update you on how the stuff works after I have tried them myself.