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  • anon pd - Deceptive Description

    I thought I was ordering Uranium 235. This stuff is not fissionable and not at all appropriate for building a death ray or small nuclear reactor.

  • Anne M. Thomas - Registered Nurse. Work 12 hr shifts. T25 is doable!

    About me: I'm a 31 year old Registered Nurse. I work 12 hour days taking care of my patients on a medical-surgical floor. My job can be physically, mentally, and occasionally emotionally draining. I found myself exhausted and not wanting to do anything active. It didn't help that I was indulging in the over abundance of candy, donuts, cakes, cupcakes, pies, and goodies constantly around the nurses station.

  • J. Han - Some Helpful Tips

    I love Biosilk. To be honest, Biosilk is more like a hair polisher than a "leave in silk replenishing and reconstructing treatment" as it says on the bottle. I have thick coarse wavy hair and I purchased this product to help prevent split ends and frizz. I've been using Biosilk for years and here are some helpful suggestions for those who wish to purchase: