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  • Lorenzo from LA - Couldn't be happier with the quality of light from this modifier

    Couldn't be happier with the quality of light from this modifier. You would NEVER know it was shot on a speedlite.

  • miki Mk - it does work

    i been useing it for over a month and i don't have the stech marks on my tights and belly. aslo is better than lotion after a shower. i love it .

  • R. L. Richards - CSN 2012

    I wasn't sure what to expect with the Blu-Ray having both positive and negative reviews. It is solid, if not spectacular. Could have been much, much better. Disappointed that is just in stereo as a lot of people are. And somewhat disappointed in the song selection. The sound is OK, but seems a little overmodulated/distorted sometimes.

  • mudbone - High Potency

    I did some research on Methyl B12 after my father got dementia several years ago and passed away this year. He had been diagnosed with pernicious anemia but he missed a lot of his B12 shots. So since this disease can be genetic I wanted to find out if it was possible to absorb B12 without having to get B12 shots. I'm here to say that the Methyl-B12 sublingual method works very well however at this point in my life (55) and my diet 5000 mcg might be a little too strong. I definitely noticed the sound sleep side affect that others have reported in here and this has been quite pleasant. However I also noticed another side affect that wasn't very nice. After taking it for the first week (sometimes twice a day) I began to notice that it was making me very irritable and at times to the point of verbally lashing out at people for no good reason. I researched this side affect online and found an article that explained why it was happening and that it was related to low levels of glutathione. They recommended taking NAC (which I also highly recommend) to counter act this side affect. I reduced the amount of Methyl-B12 to two or three times a week along with taking NAC and it has corrected the issue. I think that like everything its best to take all supplements in moderation. I am not a vegetarian so I probably am already absorbing a fair amount of B12 through my meat consumption but this experience will definitely help me as I get older.