The Forensic Hygienist - As a Mum and a member of our community I am passionate to eliminate the risk of exposure to methamphetamine of people living in houses that once contained a clan lab, especially those with kids living in them.

Country:, Oceania, AU

City: 143.2104 , Australia

  • greenwinifred - poor product/poor customer service

    After normal use my extractor blade started leaking and making blending extremely loud. So loud I have to cover it with a towel because it is deafening. I contacted customer service by email and they sent me back some questions to answer. After that I've gotten no reply after 3 emails. I'm so frustrated. Tried calling but I was on hold so long I couldn't take any more of my time. I'm very disappointed because I love to use my blender for breakfast every day. I get grumpy after three weeks of no shakes to start my day. Think twice before you buy.

  • Luis Cypher - Great Diet Supplement

    The B4 Fat Burner pills really work. They give a good boost of energy before a workout. This product does have caffeine and other ingredients that make you more alert so don't take it after 5 pm or you will be up until 2 am. Especially if you just started taking them and your body has not built up any tolerance yet.

  • Claire Jones - Good but not Great

    I had the previous model (C305) which is now discontinued. It had grips that could be held. The grips on both sides of the knife for this model are too thin. The blade is good. Like the older model, this keeps an edge and is easy to sharpen. These knives are difficult to find at stores, anymore. I wish that Leatherman would re-make the C305 model along with this one. Sometimes older is better.

  • greg mccalla - Great Speakers

    I wanted something different and I had not heard of these until I did some research and found they had some pretty good reviews. I have my running through a 500w fosgate amp along with 3 12"s though a 100w fosgate and these things are incredible. Highs and mids are awesome and don't have any complaints.