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  • myshaggydog - Great product

    The price was great and I have been a McAfee user for years. I like their products and customer/tech support.

  • S. Mulhern - Crap. Watch now frozen.

    Crap. Poor directions. Bluetooth kept disconnecting, even though I was wearing the watch and the phone. Mediatek app connected occasionally. Now the watch is frozen. I cannot turn it off and am waiting for the battery to run out.

  • Bob Orf - I like the show in general

    I like the show in general, but I wasn't crazy about the Season 3 opener. Barry Allen just comes across as stupid and selfish the way he keeps messing with the past. Plus throughout the entire series there are major holes in the logic behind changing the past. However, I'm a huge Flash fan, I like the characters and actors, so I keep watching. It's mainly the writing I have a problem with.

  • Ginae B. McDonald - Have Only Taken for a Week

    I haven't really had a chance to give RealDose the attention that it deserves, as my review is due and I've only been taking the products for about a week now. However, I can rate other aspects of this supplement.

  • johanna - waste of time and money

    I know it's hard to believe reviews on anything unless you've experienced it for yourself but I've tried proactiv three different times now throughout the past ten years and it has never once worked for me! My skin seemed like it was getting better in the first two weeks and then it was almost like it just stopped working, and my skin actually got worse as time went on and I still continued to use it. I have had moderate acne for almost 15 years now along with my skin being sensitive and very oily. The other thing that really bothered me about proactiv was the products actually made my skin more oily and it was almost embarrassing how oily my skin was only ten minutes after putting the products on. Congrats to anyone who had great results with proactiv!!

  • R. Miller - Bought to replace Microsoft Streets and Trips (discontinued by Microsoft) ...

    Bought to replace Microsoft Streets and Trips (discontinued by Microsoft). User interface is awkward and not intuitive. Displayed information is less complete that previous product used.

  • Sara Livermore - Quite pleased!

    I am very fond of glitter nails, which means at least one coat of base color and two layers of glitter. Without some way of speeding up the drying time, it'd take f o r e v e r! I bought this at a time when I didn't have a lot of extra cash to spend on a more expensive brand, and I am so glad I did. It works at least as well as any other nail drying product I've ever used, even though it's relatively cheap. Will buy again and again!