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  • Julie A. - It really does work

    I was skeptical of getting hooked on an expensive product that only made a marginal difference. However, I think this product is worth the money. I am pretty low maintenance and was hesitant to get into a prolonged daily shower routine -- with working in 20 pumps of product and then having to leave it in for 5 minutes. Quite frankly my typical shower doesn't last that long. I was worried this would add too much to my daily prep time to be feasible. It doesn't. I have about shoulder length very fine hair. I get it colored bi-monthly and blow dry it daily. It can get a little fried. Using Wen has added volume to the top of my head --- where with regular shampoo and conditioner it usually laid limp. It also has made my hair so smooth and soft I like to run my fingers threw it. I'm not a walking hair shampoo commercial -- strangers don't stop me on the street -- but my best friend noticed and thought it was a new cut. She commented on the volume and and body. I have only used the lavendar thus far, and I use about 7 - 8 pumps in the shower. Then I add a small pump to the ends after I've towel dried. I know other postings mention playing around with the different types and the amount of product used. I'm pretty busy (and a touch lazy) so I haven't done much experimenting --perhaps my ideal type any quantity may yield even better results.

  • David Quon - As advertised

    Leaves your skin feeling real smooth. Been using it for a couple weeks now and I definitely notice the difference (a good difference) from before I started using this compared to after. If you're looking for a cost friendly product that does a good job, get this.

  • ssprockets - Catching up on what you missed

    I really enjoyed this book. From the hilarity of the top 100 wi-fi network names to the essays and articles that I definitely had missed this year. I nice cultural time capsule.

  • Dustin512 - CB-1 thumbs up thumbs down

    Hi :) i am 26 and weighed 128 when i first started taking CB-1 weight gainer. It worked great with gaining weight, gained now im at 140 :) , but one promblem occured when taking it!. I got a sinus infection due to it, i had to go to the sinus doctor and overal hd to get sinus sergury OUCH! Im not sure what i should the rateing.

  • Mike Kustic - Great shoe for the price

    Fit great right out of box and very good support! I'm buying another pair in a different color I like them so much.

  • Keunrak - Great read and awesome if you really like Space battles and Space Saga

    It was great, yet another one I love to read and can't possibly wait. I've been waiting for the last two books and each one has been a delight. Does it contain the following?

  • Heather Askins - Will get rid of all dead skin!

    It is amazing what this stuff will get off of your face. For the price it's absolutely incredible. Follow the directions and apply it to your clean dry face, and the dead skin just kind of pills up and rubs off. It's a little difficult to wash off, especially if it gets caught in any hair on your face, like your eyebrows, but it comes off eventually. I was amazed at how much it gets off.