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Ferring : Website stats and valuation - Ferring Pharmaceuticals is a research-driven, specialty biopharmaceutical group offering treatments for infertility, prostate cancer, bedwetting, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, growth disorders and pre-term labour.

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  • Neumac1 - I purchased a game correct?

    No problems installing the game, trying to play the game though???? When I go to create a city it keeps giving me errors it can't at this time try again. Now it's stuck sending me into some tutorial but after the tutorial loads nothing works. Click on Help and they have a notice that the servers are overloaded to try back later! You designed the game to use the internet servers and they can't handle it, so I can't play a game I paid money for....really!

  • stevecas0929 - Fantastic Grip!

    I bought this product because I have extremely sweaty hands when going to the gym. Since I enjoy lifting heavy weights, my sweaty hands were very dangerous. My current gym doesnt allow any chalk so I thought would try some liquid Chalk. This product works and will instantly dry your hands for some great grip! its great for people who do not want wear gloves to build strong grips.

  • Amazon Customer - Availability of Episodes

    Amazon clearly states that the episode will most likely be available the next day after it airs on its home network. TWD Season 7 Episode 1 is currently available to stream on AMC's website.

  • Jonathan D. Bates - Amazon can do better than this subscription fiasco

    New Yorker is an essential intellectual waypoint that I have enjoyed as a subscriber for 10+ years. The Amazon brokering of subscriptions, which I tried because the deal was remarkable, has been implemented well below the quality we expect from both the magazine and Amazon. I have been without digital access now for nearly 2 weeks, yet my hardcopy has arrived weekly in my postal mail.