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feminamedical.ro - Femina Medical - Halate medicale, Uniforme medicale - View feminamedical.ro - Femina Medical va ofera o gama variata de halate si uniforme medicale, de cea mai buna calitate si la preturi foarte competitive.

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  • SeyWhat - It works but it is not a magic pill

    IT works in fact any electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) device will theoretically work and do what it is supposed to do, which is strengthen and tone the targeted muscle group on which you are using the device for. So let us get the nonsense of "will it work" or "It does not work" out of the way. It works full stop. It will make your abdominals stronger without a doubt. "But why do I not see abs like those on the tele or on Cristiano Ronaldo?" Well my dear it is because you have to much body fat. Let us take for example olympic class heavy lifters, they can lift tremendous amounts of weight it is quite sickening really, however most of these lifters not all look rather well huh how do I say, oh yes, Fat. I can assure you they are without a doubt stronger than most "fit" looking people their muscles are stronger too. The reason we do not see the muscle definition is because the muscle in covered by fat. Same with when you watch American football and you see the offensive or defensive line men. These men are incredibly strong stronger than me that is for sure yet they do not look like they are fit. Why? cuz they have body fat around the muscle.

  • zephead - Great Except for Sync Feature

    Started out OK with this version. Tree sync worked at first. Been having problems with sync about 7 weeks. Just downloaded the FTM update today (11/29/2012) and a sync fix was included but the sync crashed again today. I'm disappointed because I love the reports on the desktop version. The online version is easier to update (photos included). I like to do my work online and them sync to the desktop. I wish the programmers could get it together.

  • drunken_rugger - QC on these is poor to say the least

    So I ordered two of these, one black for myself and one orange for my father. The orange one was much nicer than the black but both of them clearly have been cheaply mass produced. The coating on the retaining clips wears off very quickly BC the knives themselves appear to have been stamped out of a large sheet of metal and the edges left rough. On the black one there is even a small nick of medal on the unsharpened utility side, QC on these is poor to say the least. The inner edges of the bottle opener and oxygen tank wrench both have flakes of metal left behind that never got ground off. Also it is a shame the grips aren't made of something like g10 and better secured to the blade, the rubber they used feels like it will peel off. The design as a whole is great, though I feel the bottle opener is inappropriate considering the intended use of the knife, psa: don't mix drinking and extreme water sports. The sheath does work as advertised, and it is extremely snug on a belt. All in all I wish they had better quality control BC I have been eager to get this know ever since I first saw it years ago in the local outdoor sports shop, and I was really disappointed. I see better QC in 20$ knives on a regular basis, so when I invest in nicer knives for myself and my fam I have higher expectations.

  • GWBridge - The Fiske Guide to Colleges 2014

    The book came quickly... This book is an extremely helpful guide to help navigate through all the information that is necessary to help choose a college

  • Bulrush - Through molded key letters should last a long time.

    I like this keyboard, it was easy to get up and running. The keys make a loud click, if you like that, it will work great for you. The keys also give great tactile feedback, like the old IBM keyboards from 1981. The keys are backlit and the light shines through the letters. This means the clear plastic of each key goes all the way through the key cap. I got this because I wear the letters off any keyboard in about 3 months, the paint is just exceptionally cheap in the past 4 years. So I needed something where the letter was molded all the way through the keycap, so it would last longer. This is not the multicolor keyboard, it's a green light only. The multi color line is called Chroma.

  • TEXAS AUTO - Amazing senso

    Honestly, this piece is amazing and very high quality, i had the beats wireless and my son lost it so i start looking for another one but cheaper than beats and i just got the senso today 10.04.16 and it is better than beats in my opinion.