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  • dyzd - The bottle leaked

    I haven't finished using the product yet. When it arrived, approximately one teaspoon of the glue had leaked out. The glue is still free-flowing, so I'm not going to return it. But I am concerned that having air reach the product might shorten the shelf life. The manufacturer obviously needs to to a better job on securing the cap. The expiration date is Jan. 2020.

  • S. T. Gugliociello - Whatever you need, go one size bigger

    I want to first note that I originally ordered a small. To give you an idea of how small the "small" is, I couldn't fit my portfolio and iPad inside the bag. I genuinely have no idea what a bag is meant for...

  • Aphrael - To my real surprise, these things really do work

    For years I have been watching these battery desulfators for years with great skepticism. When they first came out, when DIY, assemble-yourself kits were the first available versions, I tried one that didn't seem to work. Now that some apparently well-engineered factory versions are available. and after reading so many positive anecdotal reviews, I decided to give this BatterMinder 2012 a try. I have been skeptical because it seems impossible to find the results of any controlled test of these devices. This caused me to suspect that this is voodoo science. But, I had five weak to very weak batteries to replace, and I decided to try my own study.

  • Larry C - Soft, silky and healthy skin in minutes

    This pure shea butter arrived securely packaged and damage free. This is an all natural butter. The consistency is that of a heavy cream, the fragrance is light and disappears completely shortly after application. The cream is easy to apply and left me with no greasy feel, but did leave me with a healthy, super soft and silky feeling skin. I did receive this product at a discounted price or free in exchange for my willingness to provide my honest opinion and share my unbiased review.