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Falcon Inflatables Homepage - Falcon Inflatables - Renowned global manufacturer of Falcon Inflatable boats Manufacturing rigid hulls since 1985, with exceptional quality standards

  • http://falconinflatables.com/about-us/ About Falcon Inflatables - Falcon Inflatables pioneered inflatable boats in South Africa. Also called rubberducks, evolved from racing to world class durable inflatable boats.
  • http://falconinflatables.com/services/ Falcon Inflatables Services - Falcon Inflatables Services - We offer a range of other services to refurbish your boat - Repontoon, fibreglass works, additional protection, motor service
  • http://falconinflatables.com/testimonials/ Falcon Inflatables Customer Testimonials - Testimonials from clients- A tribute to the staff at Falcon Inflatables, ensuring that our customers receive a quality product and excellent product support
  • http://falconinflatables.com/models/ Falcon Inflatable models - Falcon Inflatable models - We offer a range of Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats from 3.9m up to 7.6m, customized to your needs for recreation/commercial/rescue
  • http://falconinflatables.com/portfolio/falcon-390yt-rigid-inflatable-boat/ Falcon 390YT rigid hull inflatable boat - Our Falcon 390YT is the newest and smallest in our range. Designed for the first boater or as a tender for large yachts, the 390YT is nimble, light and easy to handle. Either with a tillerr or remote steering, the 390YT is a sure winner.
  • http://falconinflatables.com/portfolio/falcon-450-rigid-inflatable-boat/ Falcon 450 rigid inflatable boat - Falcon 450 rigid inflatable boat by Falcon Inflatables. Small, efficient, fun. Designed for the first boater / yacht tender / rescue
  • http://falconinflatables.com/portfolio/falcon-760-commercial-rigid-inflatable-boat/ Falcon 760 rigid inflatable boat - Falcon Inflatables - Falcon 760 rigid inflatable boat - Commercial / Recreation / Rescue / Police / Patrol. The class of the field, with durability, efficiency and customisation
  • http://falconinflatables.com/accessories/ Falcon Inflatables Accessories - Falcon offers a wide range of Accessories / fixtures and equipment for your beloved Falcon boat, custom made to suit your boat and application.
  • http://falconinflatables.com/purchase-enquiry/ Falcon Inflatables Purchase Enquiry - Want to purchase or get a quote on a quality Falcon Inflatables boat? Fill in our form and get fast feedback on pricing for package custom fit to your needs
  • http://falconinflatables.com/boat-registration-rsa/ Boat Registration in South Africa - Falcon Inflatables has all the latest information regarding boat registration in South Africa. Feel free to contact us if you need any more information
  • http://falconinflatables.com/classifieds/ Pre-owned Falcon Inflatable boats - Want a quality Falcon Inflatable boat, but cannot afford new? Browse our latest factory inspected pre-owned models! Latest specials also listed here.
  • http://falconinflatables.com/contact/ Falcon Inflatables contact details - Falcon Inflatables contact details. Phone us, Skype us, Email us or contact us via Facebook, Twitter or Google plus.
  • http://falconinflatables.com/export/ Falcon Inflatables international export - From our world class manufacturing facility Falcon Inflatables has exported to over 45 countries, and is internationally recognized as one of the best.
  • http://falconinflatables.com/contact/global-dealers/ Global dealers Falcon Inflatables - Falcon Inflatables Global international dealers - International distribution of Falcon Inflatable boats. Not in your area? Buy direct from the factory!

    Country:, Africa, ZA

    City: 24 , South Africa

  • Pen Name - Good not great

    I'm giving this four stars not five because the stairs are really hard to figure out and to get to work perfectly plus the vaulted ceiling doesn't show as open which is kind of frustrating for two stories so you kind I just have to imagine it in your head. However there are a lot of features in this program that are very nice and it will help us when we get to the point of finally figuring out what we want for our house

  • Diane Saul - I loved this story

    Can kindness change a person? Carrie Maddox is competing for a job and whoever has the most followers for their blog at the end of December will get the job. After several runs ins with her rude, standoffish next door neighbor a friend suggests she kill him. Kill him with kindness, that is and blog about it. Her blog about Christmas decorations isn't getting any followers, so Carrie decides to go for it and starts to blog about her neighbor "Ebenezer". Her experiment with kindness has results beyond what Carrie expected, in her life and the life of people following her blog.

  • Forte Enterprises - smells horrible but makes my face feel smooth!

    This cleanser leaves your face feeling very smooth and hydrated. It also takes your make up off effortlessly. It only takes about 1 1/2 squirts to get your entire face and neck. I love that it is all natural made out of essential oils and things like that. The only bad thing is, it smells like something rotten! I first rubbed it on my face and about gagged thinking it was old or not good. I washed it off and fell in love with how my face felt. Better then that, the after smell on your face is more like lemongrass, which is not so bad. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased opinion.

  • anda1anda2 - I did not buy this, I just went to the library. . .

    I actually didn't purchase this book because Amazon cancelled my order because it was out of stock-- so I walked to the library.

  • Jason - Looks can be deceiving.

    I cant say im up set about this product because it looks great. But i can say im upset about how the reception has dropped. I have Entune radio on my 2013 4runner and the HD radio cuts in and out since i replace my long attena Im still debating to return it.