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  • Riahbug - Cultural appropriation is not ok.

    Yes, this is cute and trendy, but have you thought about the fact that The Day of the Dead is actually a holiday that people celebrate. By making this costume you are turning a cultural thing, in this case a sugar skull, in to a character which is not ok.

  • CindyC - You want this one.

    I am a seamstress, with an online shop where I sell my handmade items. My Janome Heavy Duty machine's bobblin mechanism broke...just looooove plastic parts....and I am trying to get my inventory up for the busy Christmas season. It would cost as much to get mt Janome fixed as this Singer machine costs, and with Amazon Prime the Singer got here within 48 hours. I have been sewing like a fiend since I got thus machine four days ago, and must say I am impressed with this machine's performance. It is VERY fast, which I love, because that cuts my production time for each item, and time IS money, particularly when you are self-employed! Plus, the items that I make have some parts that can have five or six layers of cloth, and Singer zipped through them like buttah. The ease of use with features like needle position, stitch width and pattern, etc. makes switching in mid-seam a breeze. I got this machine originally as a back up and was going to get my Janome repaired, but I think this Singer has earned my trust to be numero uno, and Janome can be the back-up. Granted, I have only had it four days (though I have made eight garmets in those four days), so if things change, I will come post an update...but for now, and hopefully forever, Singer Heavy Duty High Speed has earned five stars!

  • L. Lee - I like that I have the option of using this cream ...

    So far I am liking Shouvy's underarm whitening cream. I want ladies to know that there is no shame in using this cream. Sometimes there are just areas where no matter how well we clean ourselves, naturally our skin is darker. I like that I have the option of using this cream instead of going to get an expensive professional bleaching. My underarms are looking lighter and I only plan on using it to get my skin to be the same pigment. It's easy to use and doesn't irate my skin.

  • Amazon Customer - Tremendous Bang for the Buck

    I purchased my 2012 Podium 6 in mid August. After over 400 miles of riding on chip and seal country roads, I am exceptionally happy with this purchase. With that, here are my impressions:

  • Anon - Truly Bad

    I used Microsoft Streets and Trips for years to plan trips and was reasonably happy with it. It had some inaccuracies and lacks but it was fairly user friendly. MS is discontinuing this product and Street Atlas 2014 was the only other mapping program I could find that did not require an internet connection so I decided to try it. I should have heeded all the negative reviews. The worst thing is how outdated the information is. I compared it to some locations around home and places I've recently traveled to and was very disappointed at all the inaccuracies. For instance, several local streets are shown as dead ends when in fact they are through streets and have been for at least the ten years that I've lived here. Not all are neighborhood side streets; one is a four lane arterial that is heavily traveled. I'd be OK with roads that are a year or so out date but ten years? This program should not be trusted to find a specific address without double checking it against Google maps or MapQuest so why bother. Also, compared to MS, Google maps, and MapQuest, I found the controls clunky, it's not user friendly, and the map is just downright unattractive. I'm returning it. From now on I'll just use the internet based maps. On their jacket cover DeLorme bragged about the recent update to their "Worlds largest revolving globe" at their headquarters that few will ever see. Instead, they should have spent the money updating products that their customers will actually use. Don't waste your money.