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Expat Financial - International Insurance Solutions - Offers international life, health, disability and travel insurance to individual expatriates and their employers around world.

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  • Patrick Leser - Like another customer

    I'm a dedicated supplement (esp guarana) taker, and I'm not sure if there's any Guarana in this product at all. Like another customer, I kept increasing the dose and still felt nothing. Too bad - I was hoping Natrol finally got into the game of legitimate supps...

  • Charles F - Very good buy

    Just got this delivered via ABF from Amazon. We ordered on Sunday, received it on Tues, free shipping, obviously results will vary depending on where you live (I live outside New York City). Usually freight only delivers curbside, I gave the guy $20 and he helped me bring it into the room where we planned to use it.

  • K. Hanson - Very happy with my purchase

    I purchased the Sole E35 after much research and testing of ellipticals. I have had it now since January 2009 and am very happy with it. It has enough resistance and lift to get a good workout, in fact I am still at about half the levels right now. I use it about 3 to 4 days a week. It did take some time to get it together, maybe and hour and a half, but I did put it together by myself (I'm a 24 year old female). The motion is very fluid and the unit itself is very sturdy. The fan is pretty worthless... but I use a larger one anyway. Overall I purchased due to the positive reviews, the price point and the warranty. The Sole E35 has a 2 year warranty, vs many others who only have 1 year or even 6 months. Very happy with the purchase, no problems thus far and would purchase again.

  • Kay’Reesha Grayson - Hate to see them go buuuuut...

    5 stars of course! The fact that you're able to keep your readers attention IN EVERY SERIES is everything! Love how you finished it off and didn't leave us with questions, everything ended like it should have! I'll miss them all but I know we'll hear from them all soon enough. Keep up the good work, B, you've got it honest when it comes to writing!

  • Dapip - Auto paint scratch remover

    It worked as advertised when used on a deep scratch through the clear coat on a red Nissan pickup. Be sure to follow directions so that excessive clear cote is not removed. The scratch was changed from clearly visible to difficult to see. The product also removed some wax swirls. I do not know if removing the scratch will compromise the life of the clear coat that has been thinned.

  • Barbara A. Prescott - Blood Sugar Control At Last

    Almased has helped get my blood sugar under control and keep it there, when nothing else has worked. I highly recommend this product for anyone who needs to gain and keep control of their blood sugar.