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EveryLife Foundation for Rare Diseases - The EveryLife Foundation for Rare Diseases is dedicated to accelerating biotech innovation for rare disease treatments through science-driven public policy.

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  • Timothy Lee - Get this book!

    What can I say about this book. It is a necessity if you are studying for boards and I recommend anyone in medical school to buy this book to supplement your lectures. There are great mnemonics and learning tools in here and it also narrows down the information and points to what you should focus your studies on. The book is well made, but I had to unbind it to make space for my own notes.

  • S. B. Lacroix - Useful and Informative - I buy it yearly.

    Years ago I used to buy the Seasons of the Witch weekly planner, but one year they had the silly idea not to offer the planner in the book format, only in digital download. That’s when they lost me. I started purchasing Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook every year instead.

  • connie - and really enjoyed it. My Dad was very sick

    I found the show on Netflix this summer, and really enjoyed it. My Dad was very sick, and I spent part of each week with him. There was alot to do and get used to, and it was a comfort to come home and watch some episodes at night before bed. I have not seen enough episodes of this season to give the series five stars. I'm from Maine, and appreciate all Patrick Dempsey has done and does for a nearby hospital. I definitely miss his character, and I do not review tv shows...this is a first. The writers have their work cut out for them, as Derek, Christina, Izzy, George, Lexi, and Mark were well written characters given life by very good actors. Meredith is my favorite, and I love her acting as a Mom...doctor, friend, all her scenes. Only one story did not ring true for me. I did not like the way Izzy's storyline ended. As a viewer who came to the story late, I think the actress had some valid points at the time of her departure.

  • Karen - Ready for the next power outage!

    After Sandy I decided to increase my research on Solar power technology and glad I did. I purchased the Goal Zero 19010 Guild 10 (comes with rechargeable batteries) to charge my cellphone, tablets and wireless hotspot. I am now able to keep my devices fully charged without running to my car. The Guild 10 have two UBS power sources: from the rechargeable battery or directly into the Guild 10, works like a charm! I decided to purchase the 30 watts solar panel from Goal Zero that will charge my Duracell Powerpack 600 units (I have 2) so I'm good for now! I STRONGLY recommend everyone invest in Solar power technology as soon as you can. Saves you all around!

  • CooCooBananas - This is a great product. Had a bed sore

    This is a great product. Had a bed sore, or pressure sore on my butt cheeks, for about 9-10 months. Tried hydrocortisone, helped a little.. Tried Spermaceta. That broke me out in a bad rash all over the butt cheeks, worse than ever. Finally, in desperation, (when I had a sore on a blood vein where most of the pressure was because I had no fat on my butt to protect it), I looked on internet and Emuaid came up. So, though very expensive, for me, I ordered 2 jars. and hoped for the best. Bought a $10 waffle foam pad, for the bed, and those two things did the trick. Now, I tell everybody about the healing attributes of Emuaide.