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  • Ballyshannon woman - D-Hist a life saver

    I have asthma and COPD and use Spiriva and Advair with great effect; I had no allergy problems. However in 2011 my immune system tanked from a couple of operations and too much Prednisone for respiratory infections. Suddenly I began experiencing multi chemical sensitivities ("MCS"), i.e., allergic to plastics, synthetic clothing, bedding, over the counter skin and hair care, household cleansers, etc. causing asthma, body pains and aches, terror of choking in the night, etc. My MD, also a holistic practitioner, suggested D-Hist. It literally saved my life. I took one every 6 hours and each time it relaxed my bronchial tubes, esophagus, etc. and created a barrier against the symptoms; but I had to find out how to get rid of them. I spent weeks on the computer researching MCS (a world unknown to a great many MDs, luckily mine was not one of them)and among other wonderful publications found "Tired or Toxic" by Sherry A. Rogers M.D. It advised having one's nutrients tested to determine what the immune system is missing, and what to take to restore it. I had the blood test done, am still taking vitamins(vegan)and supplements (vegan) suggested, along with D-Hist. I have beaten back the MCS symptoms; my immune system is over 100%, but I could not have survived these past years without D-Hist; I will never be without it. A daughter in California and one in allergy laden Arizona also take it.

  • PinkPrincess1990 - TOTALLY WORKS AND I LOVE

    I had been reading all the reviews about this product so i went to walmart and bought it just a few days ago and already i see a difference in my hair ive been bleaching my hair so it was dry now its much healthier and softer and i can tell its growing faster than it was this product really works!

  • tusimay - I love it! Buy Wholesale!

    I LOVE Plexus Body Cream for everything! I especially like using it on my face at bedtime and under makeup. It works good for so many things. We use it for sunburns, insect bites and skin problems. Love it! Why pay retail prices?

  • Mark Karber - Good read but...

    I enjoyed reading this book. As someone who was related to a person that was charged with a crime they didn't commit, I could relate well to Darren. All of the the characters had some depth and I liked the 1st person prose. Although I gave it 4 stars because I enjoyed it very much, it read a little bit like a Hollywood movie script instead of something that would truly happen. Parts of it were somewhat realistic yes. And I know how these southern DA's and so forth are, but it was a little fantastical and over the top at various times. And there some coincidences that seemed like they were written in to fit the story. I found myself rolling my eyes several times. Like really? Sure, like that would really happen. Not. But it did keep the story moving along on it's glide path. Finally, it was a little formulaic and in the end all the little loose ends perfectly came together so that everyone leaves the theater (or book) happy. I can recommend it....but beware of what you are going to be getting.

  • jean - I got a great deal on a 2002 VOLVO S40 as the owner dealer told me head ...

    I just bought a 2002 Volvo S40 for 3K. I got a great deal on as the owner dealer told me head gaskets leak. Sure enough after driving it a couple of weeks it started leaking. After researching several products I opted to try Lucas as they stated it is a 100% petroleum product and will not harm engine. WOWWW..this stuff works and faster than I had imagined. Two days and my check engine light went off. Just trying to buy a little time to save the money to resolve gasket issue with a good mechanic. BTW Any recommendations on products to clean the oil off of belts? Cheers..Happy New Year

  • jennifer sharp - Awesome!

    Easy install, great fit on my 2011 F150 supercrew 5.5 bed. Has kept the bed dry through two weeks of WA rain. Folds up in seconds for loading the bed. Thanks!

  • RonL - So much potential. Maybe a software update is needed?

    So much potential. Maybe a software update will fix some things? I mean, it really is a cute idea - seriously, but there are enough drawbacks that it is going back to Amazon for a refund: