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  • SamanthaShannon - Serenity

    I absolutely enjoyed this book. Jamar is a good guy who is going places and doing good things. This was a short read and it had a lot of funny moments. I hope Jamar finds his leading lady.

  • Tollyan Peterman - Locks Up Windows 7

    Today I had to print a card before my kids got on the bus for school. I fired up Printmaster 2012 and said I'll just print a card. Well I ended up hard resetting my computer twice and almost missed the Bus. Still no card. It casues windows 7 to hang when opening up a project. I patched it as of Oct. 2011 and it still has bugs and hangs. I tested it on 3 different PCs with same result. I would look for an older copy that is more stable. The QA of this product is a major fail and I recommend avoiding it until they clean it up.

  • Golden Girl - Difficult for a layman to interpret.

    Very comprehensive....EXTREMELY SMALL PRINT, and paper thin pages. Would have appreciated a review on this.