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  • Jacob - Looks terrific, way better than the carpet floor liners that ...

    This fit perfectly in my 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 sport quad cab. Looks terrific, way better than the carpet floor liners that came stock with it.

  • Floyd E. Harris - msa30X

    This hearing aid may work for some but for me there was far too much background noise which I could not eliminate. None of the ear pieces caused the excessive background noise to disappear nor would turning the volume to minimum. I was hoping this item could be used to hear lectures and conversations but unfortunately the inability to eliminate the background noise made it unusable.

  • gofishavon - Don't waste your money on T25

    At best it's half a workout. Workouts are repetitive from Insanity but not nearly as intense. If you need weight loss, this program simply doesn't burn enough calories. You would need to drastically cut calories to meet the weight loss claims and you can do that without spending the money on this disappointing program. My wife and I have done P90X (great), Insanity (OK), Pump (great) and various Jillian (OK) workouts and they are all better than T25. This is the Sensa of Beach Body programs. Plus Shaun T's uninformed knowledge of exercise physiology is just maddening. No, I am not working my obliques by simply turning to my left. The "weightlifting" is pathetic. We patiently waited for it to get better but after 5 weeks of Alpha and one week of Beta it just doesn't work. If you have Insanity, just do it over. You'll save the money and get a better workout.

  • Lacey - the trays come with it!

    These chairs are awesome! Great quality, sturdy, comfortable. The specs don't tell you that they already come with the trays for them though. Glad I decided at the last minute to skip the extra expense.

  • ChrisLaz - Not impressed

    I didn't feel much difference after taking this product. It should strictly say it's a colon cleanse because that's all it did.

  • Joseph S. - Simply the best

    I have enjoyed Rick's guides for years and this does not disappoint. Chock full of information and tips to make your trip the best possible. This guide is focused on Rome and surrounding area. If you are only staying for a few days, the standard Italy guide will cover most of what you need. This guide goes into more detail and covers more secondary locations.

  • J. Rosio - After four months here's what I've seen......

    I've been taking 5 packets a day for most of the four months I've been taking it. I have chronic candida, and have spent so much money on all kinds of probiotics and have finally had some success with this product. Other probiotics have not been as effective as this one. Most of my sympoms are fading but I am not cured. I will probably be on maintenance with this for a long time, since my case is severe. I really struggled with whether to use this product or not because my doctor was unfamiliar with it but I called GHT with about a LOT of questions and they were so gracious to answer (a real human called me; someone who was very knowledgeable and took all the time I needed). When I first took this I had red spots all over for a while but they went away. That was a good sign, they said -- that the toxins were leaving. It's proved to be true, I believe. Another very important Amazon purchase for me: The Yeast Connection Cookbook: A Guide to Good Nutrition and Better Health (Paperback)has been a companion book that's helped me through the landmine field of foods that trigger yeast. It's not been easy (emotionally, to give up the foods I love), but the book is written well and is very detailed. I've not followed it perfectly but pretty closely. I believe that's also been an integral part of my healing. I have to give God the glory, most of all. This has put me on my knees often and He has answered prayer.