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ENT Physicians, Inc. - For more than 35 years ENT Physicians Inc. has served the greater Toledo community. Our patients receive comprehensive care because we cover all the hospitals in the Toledo area and accept all major insurances. Our providers specialize in the diagnosis and treatments of the ear, nose, and throat disorders. Our experienced team consists of Physicians, Certified Nurse Practitioners, Audiologists and Allergy Specialists. We perform at the highest national medical standards. All of our physicians are board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery. We are proud of our reputation of excellence and we invite you to experience our “academic level medical and surgical care” in the convenience of a private practice setting.

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  • kathy4 - Good Enough

    Originally I had ordered this product from the actual Cold Plasma website but was disappointed with the quantity sent out. I stopped using it for a while and saw a difference in the appearance of my skin. I decided to order it from Amazon in the quantity I needed. I also ordered the Amine Face Lift and the Advanced Evening Repair products as well. Since I started using them , my face has a glow. I cannot endorse a product to be age defying, but these products certainly make my skin radiant and youthful. I will continue to use them for now. BTW, the products have a strange chemical smell, but I guess that's why they work.

  • Nubian - WORKS for HSV-II as well(genital)....and just as fast

    Abreva also works as well/fast on genital herpes as well. Although not advertised as such(Can't figure out why it isn't), but I don't get cold sores on my lips. Never have. ONLY 'down below' & I'm female. It ALWAYS Starts with tingling usually 3-5 days after my monthly cycle. I can mark it on the calendar...every month. I just start applying a VERY SMALL amount, ONLY enough to cover the tingling area. Usually on the area around my viginal opening is where the sores start. By the 2-3day, there are hardly any sores & what tries to form are already starting to heal.