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  • subrosax - My dog loves the smell.

    My normally genteel Labrador went mad for this product and would have eagerly opened the package himself had I not snatched it from his jaws. As others have mentioned, you can smell Liquid Ass right through the shipping envelope. No doubt, the smooth mix of cat feces, dead squirrels, used diapers and rotting fish food led my dog to believe that paradise had arrived in the post, and I have spent every day since trying to disabuse him of this notion.

  • cynthia wright - Great Coffee Grinder !

    Easy to use and clean,works better than any grinder we've ever had,for either percolator, french press, or expresso.I'll have to see how long it lasts though,we are pretty heavy coffee drinkers,and will only buy whole beans for our house.

  • Ben P. - A good way to get your daily ganoderma

    If you are looking for a decent way to consume your ganoderma daily and you drink coffee, this is the right product. I mix a little flavored creamer in and it goes down fine. It is a bit strong to drink plain, but not wholly unpalatable. With free shipping, Amazon's price on this product is the least expensive online.

  • Amazon Customer - These are even more beautiful in person.

    These are even more beautiful in person. Love them. Coming from a sneaker fanatic with over 40 pairs that I wear. Not save, stored in my attic like some sort of investment.

  • Amazon Customer PS from NH - Not worth upgrading

    I upgraded from Quickbooks Premier 2010 to Quickbooks Pro 2014. Bad move!! It is very slow, nothing new just few funky graphics. Already having problems running on WIndows 7. Quickbooks "Not responding" several times.

  • S. Simpson - Great product but beware.

    This things works great with the Chicco Key Fit 30. Just remember the stroller becomes top heavy when the car seat is in place. Don't try to run with this and take a corner with any amount of speed. In fact, I think running with the car seat in place is not recommended. Just read the BOB stroller manual.