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  • Soleofoo - Amazing product

    I was inundated with fleas this fall. Scratching cats, visible fleas on my furniture, and every time I stepped on my upstairs floors, fleas jumped on my ankles. ICK! I researched many products via google, and ended up checking out quite a few products on Amazon. I read all the directions, all the reviews, and decided to order Fleabusters. My vet said that just vacuuming would kill the fleas, but more was required. I applied the powder to the upstairs floors, carpets, tile and hardwood.....and swept it in well. Still had fleas, itching I applied a bit more, a bit heavier (still less than 1/4c for approx 1000sqft). I swept it into the hardwood floors, under the bed, more into the carpets, etc. I did not immediately vacuum the visible dust up though. I kept the cats on the main level for about a week, kept trays of soapy water with lights on them in the bathroom, and still caught and saw fleas. After about a week, I vacuumed the floors and rugs again. Each day, I saw fewer fleas, and after about 10 days, I no longer saw fleas at all. Now, I still haven't treated the main level of my home, which is mostly carpet. But I never saw fleas there. I have vacuumed often on both levels, and finally the cats are more comfortable. I plan to clean my carpets soon, and will fleabusters them afterward.

  • tarynm - TV will never be the same

    We walk in the living room and say "Xbox On" and the Tv and cable box turn on for us, as well as turning off at night "Xbox Turn Off". We love the SNAP feature where my husband can be playing Forza 5 and snap TV in the other screen so I can listen to the news, or if he wants he can play his Xbox One game and watch football at the same time. With all of the apps available with Xbox One and the Kinect that comes with it (which Kinect v2 is far and wide way better than Kinect v1)

  • meadowlark - Ugly color

    I loved foonf so much so this is the third one we bought. But this one is super ugly in addition to some of the other cons mentioned. We bought shadow and it looks like a faded black it is dull and hideous. I did give it two stars even though I hate this color (whoever chose it should be fired) because it does seem to be safe and secure. Also, as far as the color on the shadow it must not be consistent because I have seen some reviews that say there is a hint of purple to theirs. I wish mine had a hint of purple rather than looking like a black towel that has been washed with bleach a few times.

  • gka4154 - this is one product that does what it promises

    I LOVE this product ---- use before bed and right after a shower and you will see a major difference.

  • FJMW - Products + Regimen = Works

    These products really do work - at least for me. I've been using them for three months now and they work way better than the prescription topical treatments prescribed by my dermatologist. Things to know: 1) It takes a couple of weeks to really get going. I still had a couple of pimples come in during that period. 2) You need to couple these products with the regimen, it will help. 3) They won't stop every single pimple forever, you might get one from time to time - especially if you don't use the products or follow the regimen. However, I've noticed that if I do get one, they heal faster and better than before. 4) The moisturizer does not have sunscreen in it, but it is the best I've ever used. It's not oily and soaks right in. Just my two cents - I don't normally leave reviews, but I've been dealing with acne for almost 20 years now, so since I've found something that has worked, (at least so far), I figured that other people might benefit from what has worked for me. Good luck!