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  • E2C Rural Lab | Ecole2chouille - Pour alimenter ses projets, l'E2C s'est doté dés 2013 de l'E2C Rural Lab, émanation du mouvement Hackerspace et Makerspace. Le collectif E2C recherche,
  • Location de matériel | Ecole2chouille - Tous les projets réalisés par l'E2C Rural Lab sont à louer, de plus nous mettons une grande partie de notre matériel en location. Nous allons vous faire une
  • Organisation d'événements | Ecole2chouille - Pour vous montrer d'une façon des plus explicite nos capacités à créer, organiser et développer des projets, nous vous invitons à visionner cette
  • # 5 CHOUILLE DE L'ETANG-SOIRÉE "PIRATE DE L'ESPACE" - E2C | Ecole2chouille - Chers amis, collègues, familles, bricoleurs, fous, fanatiques de la fête et artistes, L’E2C revient vers vous car vous êtes le gratin et que l'édition 2016

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  • rebecca - Big Bad Wolf WOW!!!

    I received this for a honest review. I really enjoyed this book. This is two great authors and I love the title. And yes he is a big bad wolf and there is a red riding hood. Couldn't put it down. It does have twists but if you watch the clues you can figure it out. Must read

  • Claudlbc - Slight change- not very noticeable

    I don't drink tea or coffee or smoke. I brush and floss ever day and yet, I have yellow teeth. I think this may be why these strips didn't work very much for me. I think the yellowness is genetic more than 'stains.' Either way, it's annoying to spend money on something that doesn't really work.

  • LuCinda S Barfield - I really like this. Used this and a Bluetooth speaker with ...

    I really like this. Used this and a Bluetooth speaker with a TV. No more blasting the volume across a room.

  • James Bus - like

    Very pleased so far. I was skeptical about buying this product but was pleasantly surprised. I’ve been using for 2 weeks and losing weight feel great. . My moods are better and my energy levels are up! Would recommend you try it for yourself