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  • López - Lovely smell and immediately strengthens hair! I noticed that ...

    Lovely smell and immediately strengthens hair! I noticed that I can style my hair with less breakage now. I spray this on my hair daily before bed

  • G. M - Glitter

    I looked in the mirror and saw glitter on my face, I was sad and thought my eyeshadow wasnt so great and was coming off. Then I noticed that the glitter was also on my palms... its this moisturizer, I suppose the natural light reflector... are like mirrors / glitter, Im actually wondering if it is seashell as that pops up in lotions sometimes, this is one reason I dont like the moisturizer so much... I'll only be wearing this on my upper lip, as soy is suppose to minimize hairs... and Ill see how that goes... Id wear this at the beach, or going to a night club... it does make skin feel soft, but Im not a total fan of the texture, beats olay though, but I think ill be going back to neutrogena.

  • gfnielsen - IWalk 2.0 very helpful if you have stairs.

    I ordered the iWalk to use after foot surgery when I knew I would be non-weight bearing for 8 weeks. I received it the week before my surgery, I was able to practice using it ahead of time. The hardest part was putting it together. I would definitely recommend viewing the video for putting it together on the IWalk website instead of looking at the written instructions. It took much longer to put together than advertised. I will admit I am not mechanically inclined. The best thing about this device is that you can walk up and down stairs with it! It is much easier than hopping up stairs on crutches. I would definitely recommend this for any young person and would recommend it with reservations for senior citizens. Anyone with arthritis in their knee will find that they can only use this for short periods of time. This is no different than using a knee scooter but with a scooter you can quickly stretch your leg. The other issues for seniors are balance and strength. You need good balance especially if you are taking pain pills after a surgery. I use a cane with my iWalk when I walk for any distance outdoors. The device itself is somewhat heavy so you are lifting both your leg, in my case with a heavy cast on it, and the device. The general drawbacks I have noticed are that it tends to slip up and down inside the leg straps when I walk even though I have tightened the straps as much as possible. This makes me less sure of my steps when I walk and may cause your foot to catch on the floor surface if you have not lifted it fully. It is also somewhat inconvenient for people wearing pants as the device must be removed before using the toilet. It is much easier to take on and off once you have used it awhile both because practice helps and because the plastic fasteners seem to move easier after they have been used awhile.