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  • Amazon Customer - great stuff if you want a colon cleanse

    great stuff if you want a colon cleanse, if your trying to pass a U/A test look elsewhere. craped uncontrollably failed the test.

  • LibraLea - Great Work Out For The Price!!

    I have had my Gazelle Edge Glider for about 3 Weeks now. Easy assembly, about 30 min. max. I love this machine, I have tried other workouts and machines and after about 15 minutes I feel the burn and the sweat starts to roll. It's fun and easy to use, at first movements were a little jerky,thought I was going to fall off!! But now up to 45 min. workout a night. I have found myself getting on this and playing around while watching my favorite shows. The only thing if using the videos, noticed with myself during the "turbo sprint" The machine got real noisy but could be myself causing the noise. Folds up very easily I keep mine propped up in a corner when not in use. The machine is 40+ lbs, so would keep it relatively close to where you work out because of the fold up platforms, been knocked in the shins a couple of times when I didn't have them properly held in place while setting the machine up. Over all HIGHLY reccomend this machine, due to the fact it's fun, easy to use, low impact, and a great price for what benefits you will get by using it.

  • Excellent reader - Detailed and helpful..

    I am giving this book its rate because I am looking for so much more but this book is still worth to recommend because of the detailed instructions, from the setting positions,breathing techniques,mental exercise and so many more. This book is for beginners,it will gibe you a step by step instruction. Recommended book for beginners!!