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  • DWilson - ICD-9 BOOK

    This book was in Excellent condition! ! The cost was very readonable and i will buy from them again. Please let me know if you have a 2013 CCS Review guide with the answers.

  • Brandon Solomon - Excel's version of War and Peace

    This book is so thick that if what you are trying to do isn't listed, then you need to revisit the premise of your idea. This book contains concepts that I would never have dreamed of but, apparently, have always been what Excel was designed for. I purchased this book with the hope of relearning Excel, in order to gain the Microsoft Office Suite Certification and make myself more attractive to employers. Having received this book, I can now say that learning it will take some time but will be so complete that if I cannot obtain certification, then the the problem will be with myself.

  • R. Mullen - A lot of people aren't happy with America today

    WOW, what and eye opener. A lot of people aren't happy with America today. What they don't see is that it all starts with our government. It's OK to not like what's going on but still be proud to be American. It's still a great country and one day we will be back to showing our patriotism again.

  • C. herring - Nice program.

    I'm still getting used to the new program. It is easy to use and gives decent choices in a variety of categories.

  • ExecSec45 - Quicken 2012 Guide

    I am happy to use this guide to assist me in learning how to use Quicken 2012. It's much easier to have something to read over, mark, highlight, etc., while using the software. I especially like the "in my experience" and the "new for 2012 Quicken" boxes along with sample pictures. A good deal at a great price!

  • katbrio - Great for women

    It's perfect. I have it in the bathroom with a marker to track how the moon affects me. All women should try this.