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Dual Recovery Anonymous - a 12 Step Fellowship - Dual Recovery Anonymous is an independent, non-professional, 12 Step, self-help fellowship. We are chemically dependent and also affected by an emotional or psychiatric illness.

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  • Millie - Bosley Burns

    Started using Bosley because my long hair seems to be falling out strand by strand due to aging. After 3 weeks I believe the hair loss has slowed.

  • D. R. D. - 2nd doghouse

    This is my second of these doghouses and both my dogs love them. The youngest of my dogs had a wooden doghouse which she outgrew so she took over the larger house. My older Lab mix was dispossessed so I had to get another. Great price fast delivery and my dogs are happy.

  • Shellie Schultz - ... gone through numerous weed eaters - this one is easy to use

    I've gone through numerous weed eaters - this one is easy to use. The battery lasts through the yard work (front and back). Easy spool replacement. I've not had trouble with the line over feeding or no feed like the others. This is not the tool to chop down the lower 40, but good for the average yard.

  • L's MiMi - This is the most awesome hair color I have ever used

    This is the most awesome hair color I have ever used. Trust me I have used alot of hair color in my time from paying $200.00 to have it colored to using every box brand on the markert. I really liked one by L'Oreal but it did not cover my gray roots when I started to get mostly gray. So I change to the mousse by John Friedia and I really like it. I kept reading about this in alot of different magazines and thought why not give it a try for $5.00. My hair has felt like straw for about a 2 years now. I lost about 40lbs and thought that might have been why so I just dealed with it. Well the first time I ordered it was just about at the end of winter so I ordered it a little darker, I always go a little darker in the winter so I don't look so pale. I thought it was wonderful the color is unbelievable it is better than getting highlights and low lights, the different colors of blond in this color seems more natural. Every time I washed my hair I was shocked it was not dried out. It took me a few weeks the first time before I colored my hair, so I emailed eSalon and ask them to wait a couple of weeks before they sent the next color, and if they would send it about 1 shade lighter. They were so nice and had no problems with my request. I went to the hair dresser to have her cut my hair and she was shocked at what good condition my hair was in just as she had been when it started feeling like straw. Until the pasat 2 years i had not had that problem. Not only that my hairdresser and I our friends since we don't see each other often we r just kinda in our own little space when I am there. After she cut my haird and styling it she was like woiw look at this color it is so pretty. I told I tried eSalon on line (they don't do color at the shop I go to) she got the other hairdresser to come over and look and feel my hair. They were so shocked that I did not have it done professionaily. I recieved my second box of color a couple of weeks ago and couldn't wait to try it. The color was just alittle lighter which is good but the most amazing thing that I can not get over is the condition of my hair. I have changed no other product I use except now if I use all the creme and seriums I used to take care of the straw hair (which I no longer have), my hair is just greasy and limp.So I just wash, condition and put on what I have always put on for volume. As long as I can afford this and if you do not change anythimg about it (please, please don't) I will be a forever customer. It is well worth the price. Best color I have ever had on my hair.

  • Zion - Very poor product, Has a funny smell and barely removes ...

    Very poor product , Has a funny smell and barely removes hair ! It thins the hair but doesnt remove it . I would say this product would be fiting for cauasian men or men with similar hair type , This product is not for men of african descent with coarse or rough hair !!!!