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  • J Gray - My hair is a mess now

    I thought the concept of this was great! However, the first time I used this, I had a lot hair in the bottom of my drain. I figured it was just because you have to massage this into your hair for two minutes, but each time it got worse and worse. I am returning the rest of the product. It's awful!

  • H. Adley - Loaded With Information

    This book is honest, thorough, and practical in its presentation of data from research. Some may argue about how precise it is, statistically. The author is trying to impart anecdotal and empirical support for leadership successes, not prove that they are statistically and mathematically perfect. The book is loaded with good information for all who are interested in leadership to follow. Additional information and knowledge that I, as a consultant, would recommend reading in order to attain a complete understanding of leadership (outside the scope of "Good to Great"), is a simply written book I recommend to my clients called, "West Point", by Norman Thomas Remick. I give some clients a copy of James C. Collins' "Good to Great" and clients in other fields different ones. To all, however, I recommend getting that book on the basic philosophical principles that underpin leadership in order to fully understand leadership, and effectively be a good leader.

  • Heroine in Red - Relax and have some fun

    Rocksmith is an educational tool more than a game. If you want to get the most out of it, you definitely need to play it often, about an hour a day or so. That said, it starts you off very slowly and ramps things up gradually. Definitely recommended for those interested in guitar.

  • NULL - A very poor software after TI 2009.

    I've used TI for years, but I have given up on it. I have no idea what happened over at Acronis, but they are currently incompetent. If you do a search on Google for "True image corrupt image" you'll see an ocean of complaints. I can add to that too. I've been backing up my computers religiously for over two years. Just now, I needed to restore. Using TI 2011, all of the images were corrupted for all computers over four different hard drives. Come on now Acronis. You're telling me that all of my computers have some hardware fault or the back up drives all have some mechanical failure? I don't think so.

  • D.R. Hawn - This is the best product I have ever seen for actually working without ...

    This product really works. Yes, the ingredients are essentially vinegar, water, and xanthan gum. Yes, you could make it yourself for less, but face it - would you? This is the best product I have ever seen for actually working without any serious side effects. Perhaps occasional minor irritation if put on too thick, but that is all I have experienced.

  • Maverick Johns - Worse than a regular touchpad thermostat

    My comments regarding the nest can be summed up in the email that I wrote to Nest, detailing SOME of my issues with their product: