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  • Amazon Customer - You won't be disappointed!

    I suffer from chronic BV and this probiotic cleared it up and has kept it at bay. I do have to supplement it with a generic probiotic (I take this in the morning and the generic at night), but my symptoms would not have cleared if I hadn't have found this little treasure. It's also the cheapest price I've found! I have it as a subscription, so I receive a new bottle every month. You won't be disappointed!

  • stayathomedad - Now, Nike, keep the innovation up on this stuff not the crap sash stuff

    Aside from USSoccer's crap new logo, this is a pretty sweet jersey. Quality is good, fit is great and definitely nice to get away from the denim, and the sash looks that somehow snuck through a person with 20/20 vision QC. Best kit in years for the USMNT

  • Pauline lyn - Progesterone cream

    It came on time . But it was not wrapped at all in any wrap ,just in a brown envelope. When I opened the cream ,half of it came out all over me like MILK . It should be wrapped correctly .I should get a rebate for this.

  • Jessie J - I got a horrible yeast infection

    I waited a year to write this review because I wanted to test if the probiotic would work long term and it did! My problems started with a UTI so I went on Bactrim and that is what messed up my PH balance. Right after I got done with the antibiotic, I got a horrible yeast infection. So then I took Diflucan. Then after that they said I had BV so then I went on Metro antibiotic for that. Then a few weeks later I noticed yeast infection symptoms and went on Diflucan and then back on the Metro antibiotic again..... I was so tired of everything at that point so I looked further into what else can help and found Rephresh. I used the gel inserts here and there at first when I started the probiotic. Within 2 weeks I was back on track and within 4 months of taking them every day, my balance is back on track. It has been a year now and I haven't needed them since. If I ever go on antibiotics again. I'm taking these!

  • jordan - Find something better.

    These shoes are way cute but really cheap looking. Not what I expect from Nike or from the price. The shoes are a little narrow on me as I generally have more wide feet and they're really tough on my arches.

  • austin - Very unimpressed with the product

    The wires melted. The fuse did not do what it was intended to do. I installed completely behind the dash worked fine for 3 days. And then on day 4(today) I went to start my truck to go to work and the battery had absolutely no power. The ground wire had melted and shorted out my battery and I had to replace my truck battery because of it. Unhappy with this product and now have to buy other product to replace it AND remove my dash/quarter panels again. Which is not easy or quick........

  • MasterBlaster - don't let the negative reviews fool you

    If you average Joe consumer - like most of us here on Amazon and looking for a superb blender look no further. Trust me I thought of buying another el-cheapo blender to get by. Heck you can buy 3 for the price of this Ninja but I tell you what you will inevitably be replacing those cheapo's within a year but not the Ninja.