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    This is the best place to start for the international medical graduate. I had no idea what the USMLE entailed and this book guides you through the daunting task of studying for Step One. The book is basically broken up into 3 parts. The first deals with format of the exam, the way questions are asked and basically all the stuff you're dying to know but no one can tell you. The second part is high-yield material which is likely to be tested. The third part is rating of other books you can use for review.

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  • MarcieB - Thank You !!!

    THANK YOU !!! You wrote one complete book did not start a mini series with five different parts . I don't know why a lot of urban authors and books are going in that direction but I hate that. It takes to long and by the time the part two drops I have to reread part one to remember what the hell is going on . I have read every book you wrote and I have loved them all . I don't even read the description because I have never been disappointed with any of your books .

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    In the last few years I started suffering terrible skin breakouts like crazy all the time. My skin was going from clear to blotchy red almost overnight and it was soo greasy too. The skin doctor I went to swore up and down that it all I was suffering from was just a hormonal imbalance and it would eventually pass but after taking prescriptions for it for three months, I saw absolutely no difference in my appearance. I began to stay inside all the time and also became very moody as well. I was so desperate that I probably spent a small fortune trying pretty much every kind of acne "cure" I came across in the stores. Then the doctor decided to give me another prescription but this time the stuff ended up doing nothing but making made my face even redder. I started using Acnefree and had fairly good results. A friend of mine had been taking a herbal acne supplement called Clearzine and suggested I try it too. I was going to wait until I was finished with the Acnefree program but thought maybe combining both would provide better results. Well after a week of using both my acne was completely gone and after 3 weeks all the blemishes and red spots were gone! If you are thinking of trying Acnefree, pick up a bottle of Clearzine too and try them together. These weren't overnight cures, so don't think it's gonna solve your problems in a few days. But I really think this combo is worth a shot, I am very impressed with how well it worked for me. It also got rid of the greasy, oily feeling on my face as well. I'm pretty convinced now that there are no miracle overnight acne cures but this product really seemed to work for me, I really liked how easy it was to use too. I've tried proactive before, it's similar but more expensive and did not work as well (for me personally at least). Anyway, like I said, I'm really impressed.