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  • Allison - I love Thieves!

    This stuff is awesome. I use it when I'm starting to feel a cold coming on, and the symptoms are almost always gone within a day or two. The key is to keep using it while you're feeling "eh."

  • Amazon Customer - I like the hidden zipper pocket for storing my cell

    This has been so helpful. The cupholders we bought from UppaBaby stick out on an already wide stroller, and need to be removed before folding the stroller. This does not interfere with collapsing the stroller. I like the hidden zipper pocket for storing my cell. I wish I had bought this earlier!

  • shrklover9 - but I love that it's got a strong flavor

    This tea has a long steep time (up to 10 minutes), but I love that it's got a strong flavor. It doesn't need any sweetener or cream, as it's lovely on its own. I have found that it will make me urinate more frequently (sorry to be graphic, but this information might be helpful to some), but that's to be expected with a detox tea. Just be aware of this if you decide to drink a cup close to bedtime.

  • Nancy Gunderson - Helpful!

    I was unaware of how useful this would become. I received this as a graduation present two weeks ago, and three days ago I was carrying it around downtown, trying to figure out what to do with it, when I was pulled into a dark ally and had a gun pointed at my head. Reacting on instinct, I swung whatever was in my hand at the attacker. That turned out to save my life. The first blow, with the back side of the knife, not only knocked the gun out of his hand but opened up nearly 30 of the attachments. My backswing turned out to be far more vicious. The police are still in awe that I managed to stab someone with a flashlight, screwdriver bit adapter,tweezers, 10mm Hex wrench, can opener, cigar cutter, and three different knives in one blow. The state coroner's report on my mugger is nearly eighteen pages long, and the police have still forgotten to arrest me. Thanks, 16999 Swiss Army Knife!

  • D. M. - Waste of money and time

    disappointing. The thing is so small that you'd need at least several changes of the cloth to actually clean one room. I live by myself in a very small apartment and it couldnt even get everything clean. Not a price efficient purchase. I would have been better off with a traditional mop and broom. When I tried to send Swiffer a money back request (as part of their cash back guarantee) they said they never received anything. They said my request was prob lost in the mail. Oh really Swiffer? How convenient for them. I am never trusting this company again.

  • tpeyton - Impossible to Download. Get it somewhere else.

    So frustrated. Wasted a hundred dollars. I get a network connection error when I try to download this software. After trying every solution posted on the Internet...I'm just out a hundred bucks, because Amazon does not give refunds on software downloads. I'm just sadly out of luck. Run to Best Buy, don't walk, and pick up the discs. Don't download from Amazon.

  • Amazon Customer - Paramilitary

    Complex exciting characters and wonderful story line. A must read series for anyone who loves paranormal hot romance. Our pack leader, king and Captain is a man of honor