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  • D. Ebben - I liked the Chromebook 2 first edition, and I LOVE the 2015 Edition

    I've had the 2014 edition of the Chromebook 2 for almost a year -and love it- but when I heard about the 2015 Edition having a backlit keyboard and more power, I had to get it. Just yesterday received the 2015 Edition, and my first impression is great. The keyboard backlight and extra power are nice, but I was surprised that the keyboard also 'feels' and types better. And it seems a touch thinner and lighter as well. The more I use this Chromebook, I find that it is replacing both the desktop computer AND the tablet as my go-to devices. It's small, light and the battery lasts all day. It boots up super fast and never needs 'updating'. And that screen! Oops I better shut up; I'm starting to sound like a commercial.....

  • Jetta Kraemer - When fully reclined we love the fact that there are seemingly no pressure points ...

    When fully reclined we love the fact that there are seemingly no pressure points to these chairs, so we are not constantly shifting in our seats to get comfortable. We frequently fall asleep in these chairs they are so comfy.

  • Natalie - Replaces a swiffer but not a regular mop

    I am very picky about my kitchen floor...especially since I got my dog, I find I am cleaning the floor 3x/week. I was using a swiffer during the week and mopping once a week on the weekend. But swiffers are expensive! And not very environmentally friendly since you have to keep buy disposeable pads. This steamer basically replaces my swiffer. I use between regular moppings for "maintenance" but it certainly will not clean up big messes or replace a regular mop. I still need to get out my mop, bucket and soap 2-3x/month. And then in between these cleaning sessions I can just plug this baby in and do a once-over to keep the kitchen floor decent. Very happy with my purchase and from my research this brand seemed to be the best reviewed.

  • Beatriz Jimenez Reyes - It sucks

    I had an error burning or creating iso file. I had to buy a new video card ($50) just to make it work. It worked but now the audio does not work, it is out of sync and choppy. They told me to change to DMA mode, I tried that and still no worky. There are cheaper products out there that work just fine. Roxio is just faster but nevertheless It does not work for me because I want a simple video with its original sound and I am tired of tuning my computer, buying parts and still not getting the results I wanted. I don't want to buy a supercomputer and I thing they should tell you to do just that, super dvd burner, super video card, super hard drive, tons of RAM, etc. Times are tough and I can't afford to change all that just for a simple dvd.

  • FASOTRAGRUPAC CMC - I bought 2 copies!!

    20 years ago I watched Top Gun and immediately walked into a recruiter office wanting desprately to become a Navy pilot. My Officer recruiter scammed me into becoming an enlisted SWO with a "guaranteed" flight slot after I completed a 3 year tour in deck division onboard the USS My Life Sucks. 19 years later I still don't have a flight billet, and I have a medically diagnosed condition of hatred toward recently winged Navy pilots who author self help books published too late to help me. The detailer granted me my #1 choice for a farwell tour and I am now the OIC of Werner Springs pilot a$$ kicking unit, aka SERE.

  • Tracy McLaughlin - DO NOT ORDER THIS!

    The big issue I have with this is the Customer Service, forget about the product. First off, I ordered the Meaningful Beauty iAnti Aging n the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep. Big mistake. I accidently clicked on the FREE vitamins and started receiving them. I DO NOT WANT THE FREAKIN VITAMINS FOR $32.94 each month and didn't know I ordered them. OMG, I've returned them, unopened, cancelled, and they still are sending me them and billing me. I'm going to loose my s*** with this. I just called now, and they had no record of my cancelling the vitamins so they are sending them!!!! I told the woman I need documentation of this conversation and she said she will refund my money and the order is cancelled. Having said that, this is is SCAM. Do not order this. Go to CVS and buy some anti aging creme off the shelf. Don't give out your credit card number. They suck.

  • christy - What I was expecting. But after 10 min I ...

    What I was expecting . But after 10 min I was finished watching I continued to watch just because I couldn't believe a group so strong went down without a fight .