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  • Functional Impairment Assessment - Performance Scale Index Equation | - Functional impairment assessment for patients w/ serious illness using Karnofsky Performance Scale. Compares effect of therapies & assesses prognosis.  

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  • LA_Sinatra - most reviews appear to be affillate sites

    checked the search engines regarding idol lash. at first i believed they were real reviews, but then each site directed me to idol lash site to purchase, and each sites headline is pretty much the same, don't buy idol lash till you visit our review site,, as the affiliate want customers to visit their site, read the questioanbale reviews, and click on their link to idol lash to make the purchase, so that affilate makes the commission.

  • Brian Adkins - 30 day manufacturer warranty

    Crock-Pot worked great for 37 days. Used approximately 1/2 dozen times. Will not turn on and is completely dead now. Amazon is outside return policy (30 days) and manufacturer warranty is also only for 30 days. Very regrettable purchase.

  • Danielle Nicole - Activated charcoal is amazing for teeth whitening

    Activated charcoal is amazing for teeth whitening! This isn't the first time I have used it to brush my teeth, so I cannot say this product specifically brought them to a dazzling white, but I can say it has maintained them. This comes from someone who drinks coffee and tea several times a day. The texture is gritty and non-offensive. If you are looking for an activated charcoal "toothpaste" to clean your teeth, this removes grime and leaves your teeth feeling refreshed. My only complaint is that my teeth never feel as clean as they do as when I oil pull with coconut oil and use Sensodyne, but that could be just a feeling provided by toothpaste we've been trained to appreciated. I received this product at discount in exchange for my review.

  • gripper - Three across the backseat fit perfectly!

    I have a Volvo XC70 and three small grandchildren. I owned Two Britax convertible carseats and one Britax infant carseat that just fit across the back seat. Now with the youngest graduating from his infant seat, getting three convertible carseats across the back seat was a challenge. I could not get another Britax convertible to fit with the two other carseats.After researching other carseats I found the Clek Fllo. It is smaller in width 16.9 " compared to other seats that are 19". I am able to get three of the Clek Fllo comfortably across the back seat. Even with the middle one rear facing. Very nice well made seats and easy to install. I wasn't sure I wanted to put out more money for three of these seats but I am glad I did. Well worth the money and much cheaper than having to buy a bigger vehicle. Probably the last carseats I will ever have to buy.