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  • ZenRN - Yeast infection alert!

    First of all, the directions say to spray on a clean and dried vagina and let sit for 5 MINUTES, then rinse or wipe clean. If i had a clean vagina, i would not be using this product in the first place! And let dry for 5 MINUTES?! What should i do, sit there and read a book?

  • Andrea - This is a great treadmill!!

    I started looking for a treadmill a couple weeks ago, and would have bought one just like this for $699 at a local retail sports store, but they were out of stock. I tried an online retailer that I have a membership with, and their price was better, but they wanted $100 for shipping! I finally tried Amazon, and was amazed at the price, and free shipping. It was delivered two days earlier than I expected, and the carrier called for an appointment and they were prompt and carried the box just where I wanted it. The directions say you need two people, but I put it together myself in about 1 1/2 hours. You'll need some of your own tools, but they supply the allen keys for the bolts that need them. The parts were packaged well and easy to identify, and the directions were easy and clear for each step. Read them all first before starting, it will help. The only issue I had was I some of the screws went in REALLY hard, and I was worried about stripping them, but it was all fine. I called Proform customer service and waited quite a long time before giving up and calling back and speaking to someone in sales instead, since all I wanted to know is if I had to install the fold up storage support locking bar if I never intended to move it, and they said it's not necessary. So far a great product for the price.

  • Bonnie Miller - Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat

    This is what my son and his wife requested for their new one. How can I not buy the best for my precious grand-daughter? They have 2 alike so it's easy to change in their vehicles and know their little one is safe.

  • J. Williams - Save your money.

    This thing is a holy pain in the rear to get on and it's waaaay too sensitive. First I had it on my left wrist (dominant hand) and changed the settings on the FitBit app to "dominant wrist" but found that the step count was about 2,000 steps higher than my actual step count. Then I put it on my right wrist and changed the setting to "non-dominant wrist" but the step count was still off because every time I move my arm, the thing counts it as a step. I work at a desk where I move my arms back and forth all day long. I paid $86 and some change for this and I am not impressed at all in the very least. Save your money folks!

  • chris - Easy to install

    Easy to install . Perfect fit . Love the look and I use chemicals guys plastic restorer to shine the plastic because it's not painted and it looks great