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  • Kaylie - Stopped working

    a month after I purchased it, it just stopped working unless I'm 2 ft from the car. (And yes, I obviously changed the batteries). What's the point of a car remote if you have to be 2ft away to start it? Not happy.

  • Amazon Customer - IT HELP ME FIND MY CAR

    So I was out late one night and bought it and im happy it has crystal clear tv. Also lost my car in the target parking lot and it help me find my car. would do business again. Thanks.

  • Susanth Sivaraman - Like a textbook... but one that will save you money down the road.

    This is a great book. I would say that it is a must read for anyone who wants to understand (as much as possible) our tax system. We can only take advantage of all the offers the IRS provides for us if we are aware of them. This book will help you plan your tax strategy. I did not give it 5 stars because there are several typos in the text, and it is poorly organized. If I were writing this book, I would have first started with explaining how our taxes are set up first, then targeting each area. The way it is currently set up is haphazard and he hits the same topic in several chapters because of how poorly its organized. Still it is a valuable read and worth the money and time to read it.

  • Charles J. Turner - Awsome

    This stuff is great on everything, cept food! Great lube for around the house or boats, cars, guns anything, this stuff really works.