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  • Nataliya Smolyanska - to nerd - stocks are fun!

    My beloved book. I can hug, kiss, and live with it for the rest of my life. Went from being a total noob, to nerd - stocks are fun!

  • Carl Tapia - Same old. Same crap.

    I thought it's a great game to be honest. However, lots of campers and annoying snipers who are destroying the atmosphere. Unbalanced guns. Terrible spawns and wow the maps are so gigantic. How am I going to have fun? This is definitely a re-skinned of Star wars Battlefront so there's nothing special about it or whatsoever. I hate these people comparing between COD and BF which it's annoying. They are different. I still prefer the OLD BATTLEFIELDS over this. Those were fun.

  • Cyndi Porter - I am really disappointed and feel ripped off.

    Received kit on Monday and when I opened the box today it was clear that it was not new and there were key items missing. The rear projection screen and SD card were missing. Someone had used this projector and put it back in a manner that showed it has been used i.e. the projector was not in a bag, the power cord had the wire just wrapped around the base instead in the typical new item way of using a twist tie to wrap the cord. This projector is useless without the screen and SD card with the videos. The cost was $120 for the kit and the missing items are clearly noted as being included on the outside of the box.

  • mio2mio - Hated the price increase in this already expensive formula

    Hated the price increase in this already expensive formula! Despite what Similac is saying (change in process?!), I am sure you are not going to make any less money than if you don't change the price. This formula is what our Pedi suggested when our baby was a newborn even though he's not allergic to anything. But now that he's older, it's time to switch formulas, and different brands maybe. Hated company who squeeze every pennies out of families in an economy like this.