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  • cassie - Miracle

    I have suffered with fever blisters two to fir times a tear for 48 years. Discovered abreva two years ago. Stops blisters if I start it at the first tingle. If a blister already starts, dries it up in two days without pain. Has spared me so much suffering, my miracle drug. I use subscribe and save and have it delivered regularly.

  • Ellen Hightower - unsure of product

    Unlike the testimonials posted, I was unable to notice a difference in my body. The dosage recommendation of 6 pills per day in not affordable.

  • GusBros - Best Darn Turkey Injecting Sauce

    Best Darn Turkey Sauce Ever. Inject it in the evening and cook the next day, make sure the guests are sitting down, it'll knock em over with the great flavor. (Hint, soon as you pull the turkey out of the fryer, throw in some battered onion rings to capture the flavor in them)

  • MKayB - Just what our septic system needed

    We just moved into a house with a septic system and Rid-X was recommended to be used each month to keep the system working well. We've used it each month and have had no problem yet. This stuff also helps keep your pipes to the system cleaner. Would recommend to anyone withe a septic system.

  • Samy Z. - Works great. Little wasted wine now.

    My wife and I are not heavy drinkers. A lot of the time we find our selves opening a bottle of wine for dinner and not finishing it with the intent of finishing it in a few days. Usually the wine ends up going bad before we can drink it again.

  • Phil S. - Love the wide screen

    I picked up a docking station and decided to go duel monitor. I could not make up my mind about what monitors I wanted to go with. These are fabulous for my needs!! Love the wide screen, which completely changed the game for me and spreadsheets. I run them exclusively on Eco mode as they are to bright for my eyes otherwise, but I do work in a poorly lit basement, so maybe that is why.