Repellent - DEPENS Co., Ltd. - DEPENS Co., Ltd. is one of qusai-product (home hygienic product) & cosmetic manufacturing company in Korea based on the research and OEM. Since 2013, we have been industrializing insect repellent and functional cosmetic technologies while recently ...

  • CRAYONG PINKSPOT - DEPENS Co., Ltd. - [Product Description] Crayong Pinkspot is new type of cosmetic specially designed for your acne. It contains natural organic sulfur, calamine powder, salicylic acid, and patented skin protects ingredients. It contains plant extracts that effectively control acne-problem skin. Stop squeezing out ...
  • DEPENS BUGS DOUBLE - DEPENS Co., Ltd. - DEPENS BUGS DOUBLE is tick repellent pump spray. The major ingredient is an Icaridin (Picaridin, Saltidin) developed by Germany company Bayer. Icaridin has broad efficacy against different insects and is almost colorless and odorless and been reported to be as effective as DEET without the ...
  • DEPENS BUGS - DEPENS Co., Ltd. - DEPENS BUGS is mosquito and chigger mite repellent pump spray. The major ingredient is an Icaridin (Picaridin, Saltidin) developed by Germany company Bayer. Icaridin has broad efficacy against different insects and is almost colorless and odorless and been reported to be as effective as DEET ...

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  • A Writer With Guts - Hawaiian girls DON'T have blond hair !

    I love American Girl dolls, and even though I am an adult, I have a few for myself. I have bought many for gifts and have always thought highly of the doll-book combination for educational value and the fact that they make dolls that represent the different ethnic groups that are present in real life-BUT I live in Hawaii (I am an anthropologist) and there are NO real blond, true Hawaiian women. Why would the American Girl Company make such a blunder? They did not give their African-American girl doll blond hair-so why so with the Hawaiian? I am very disappointed in them for doing such a thing. It is hard enough to get realistic ethnic looking dolls-darker skins, curlier type hair, different shaped eyes-as most dolls are made blond hair and blue eyes. (A funny thing since the majority of the worlds population has dark brown to black hair and dark brown eyes). Boo American Girl for the "whitening" of their Hawaiian girl doll. She should have dark brown eyes and hair and nice, dark tan skin. This doll is a big disappointment and I won't be purchasing any. I contacted American Girl regarding this but have not had a reply.

  • R. Dary - Wonderful movie!

    I read a review in which the reviewer talked about it being in B&W versus color, and how kids don't like B&W, etc. How sad! I am very glad I am old enough to not expect every movie to be in color. To me, besides the wonderful acting and, of course, the timeless story, the black and whiteness actually adds to the picture, to the dreariness of Scrooge's life before that fateful night. The merry parts, yet, are no less merry for it being in B&W.

  • dannar34 - Great buy!

    This little water play mat is fantastic. We are working on tummy time and this has really made it a lot more fun! It was easy to use and put up and our little one just loves it. It was a great way to peak his interest. The material that it is made out of is really nice and it is easy to wipe clean and sanitize. Really great buy! I did receive this product at a discounted rate to try out for the seller!

  • Amazon Customer - I don't go out without it!

    Any woman with thinning hair/hair loss knows how it can destroy their self-esteem. I was so self-conscious of my alopecia. I searched online and found Toppik hair building fibers and decided to give it a try. I was amazed at what a difference it made! I style my hair as I normally do, and then dust on the Toppik hair fibers, which attach to the hair that is there and fills in the sparse spots. It truly makes a huge difference! I feel so much more self confident without my scalp glaring for everyone to see! It is a bit pricey, but it's worth every cent! The largest jar lasts me about a month. It's well worth it to me to feel good about myself again!

  • Miss T. - Argan Oil must have..........

    Great accompliment to the Aagadir Shampoo and Conditioner. I have Red Hair that is naturally curly and this is a must have. My curls stay lush and healthy looking no dry or split end look for me! The fragance is lovely as well. Little goes a long way as does the Shampoo and Conditioner. Great bang for the bucks!!

  • Kim De La Peza - LOVE THIS TRAP

    LOVE THIS TRAP!! I knew I HAD a squirrel problem, but didn't realize how bad until I started trapping them. Within first 4 hours I trapped 10. By day 4, I'd trapped 65....yes, 65. I put one trap inside my chicken coop and still caught many squirrels in the trap despite having an open feeder full of chicken food. Had contacted 3 exterminators prior and all said I had to use poison to kill the squirrels. Not True! This trap did the trick. I still catch an occasional squirrel that wanders over from neighbors yard, but I've controlled the squirrel chaos at my home. Both my neighbor and my father have purchased that traps as a result of my recommendation and both r just a pleased and satisfied. Best solution to control a squirrel population!