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  • Prometheus - I want people to know the truth

    this product is incredible. I was experiencing the early stages of a receding hairline/ thinning at the temples. for awhile I was able to hide it if I styled my hair just right, but time marches on and it was becoming increasingly noticeable and damaging to my self esteem, almost to the point of obsession I'm embarrassed to say lol. I started doing my research and became aware of the effects of dht and other imbalances/ deficiencies in the body. after researching what seemed like a million different products I decided on this one ( mind you I also use phytoworx organic shampoo). I bought the 3 month supply, and am happy to say that barely 2 months into taking it, the thinner hairs at my temples are starting to thicken up and I am convinced that I am effectively reversing the problem. now keep in mind that everyone's body chemistry is different. I started doing something about it before it became a giant issue. however I still read alot on the topic and I am convinced that given enough time this will work for anyone no matter how bald. think about it. a newborn baby sometimes takes well over a year to develop a full head of hair. even the authorities in the medical field say that even "genetic" causes of baldness are caused by dht. THERE IS NO GENE that decides without a doubt that you will go bald. that is misinformation designed to feed a billion dollar industry. genes do decide your body chemistry, but chemistry can be manipulated/ controlled. you give your body the necessary tools to build healthy hair and the result will be healthy hair.

  • Desert EDM Sales - Quick Books for Mac

    While the Mac is far superior to any PC in existence, QB for mac is fair at best. Many features we were used to before switching to Mac are no longer there. It seems like they just patched it to make it work.