Demetra - ŽIV ir AIDS paveiktų moterų bei jų artimųjų asociacija - „Demetra“ yra nevyriausybinė ne pelno siekianti organizacija, nuo 2000 m. vykdanti advokacinę veiklą ir teikianti paslaugas pažeidžiamųjų grupių atstovams.

Country:, Europe, LT

City: 24 , Republic of Lithuania

  • Super Mum - Good for times when you know the general location of your phone or keys.

    I am one of those people that doesn't "lose" their keys/phone but I misplace my keys/phone almost daily. You know, under the bed, in a couch cushion, left on a cabinet, in the bathroom, etc. This is a perfect device for me. I had previously purchased "finders" that chirp when you whistle or clap but those seemed to chirp every time the TV was on or someone spoke. Since this is Bluetooth, there is no issues with it going off unless the button is pressed.

  • Amazon Customer - BUYER BEWARE! Complete garbage.

    Ive owned this program for about 9 months. At first the program worked great however after about 3 months i began getting messages that my firewall wasnt active and my internet protection wasnt on. I contacted the company and they didnt know anything nor how to fix the issues. They ended up doing something to make the issue go away however the program no longer worked correctly. In short this is a terrible program. They added a year to my subscription but im dying to delete this piece of garbage. It is completely worthless and does absolutely nothing. Ive asked for my money back but they simply wont respond to any of my emails. I hate this company and this program is a complete rip off. Im hoping a class action lawsuit is filed against the company. If you dont believe this program is garbage go to the BBB-better business bureau and check out this companies record. Stick with Norton. Its a big program and it takes up your ram but it works. Bitdefender does nothing!!!

  • Ashleigh Albaugh - Best baby shampoo ever!

    By far my favorite baby shampoo and body wash. I even started using it myself! It doesn't dry me or my babies skin but also doesn't leave our skin oily. I have sensitive skin and am prone to breakouts but this does not cause any issues whatsoever. Be advised, it's not tear free, but we have not had an issue yet. I love that it's a foam - a little goes a long way.

  • Bead Diva - Best Christmas Gift EVER for the guy in your life!

    We purchased this kit last year. It is inexpensive and easy enough for a beginner. The kit includes EVERYTHING so there won't be the apprehension that you might have more money to put into this project. The bottles and barrel are lightweight. The barrel can easily sit on your counter as it takes up little space. I didn't even notice it was there! My husband was thrilled to be making HIS OWN brew! Truly macho! The first bottle wasn't the best but after fermenting for a while the rest of his first batch of beer was quite drinkable. I know he will be making beer all winter long! You can give it to him for Christmas, unlike that cashmere sweater, this won't get stuck in a drawer! AND, if you are lucky, he may make some bottles to give to friends as gifts. If you are creative, there are even labels you can download from online that he can use to CUSTOMIZE his labels, just search google! I am so impressed with the happy look on my husband's face, I stopped to write this review! Have a happy holiday...drink up!