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Singapore building company | Deep Blue Concepts - Singapore construction and building company. Our work includes design, construction and renovation services, in both residential and commercial projects.

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  • Amanda K. Fletcher - Oh My Goodness! I Love This Thing!

    I have been fighting hair since I was 9 years old. It has always been jet black and extremely thick. Even before I was allowed to shave it was think like a man's beard. Then once I could start shaving, at about 11 years old cos my grandma felt bad for me since I was picked on so badly about it, it has only gotten worse! I have 2-4 hairs per follicle now! I am now 32 years old and don't have to hide my legs or underarms anymore. I have not shave in a month, and this is only after 4 treatments! I used to have to shave twice a day if I wanted to stay smooth, but never could do that unless I was on vacation with no actual commitments.

  • aflashyrhetoric - It's great when it works. Then it stops working. Either I have terrible luck, or Razer products are pretty shoddy.

    It was absolutely the best when it worked, then it didn't. Very quickly (within 5 months), the keyboard's backspace button just stopped working reliably. Only about every fourth keypress registers. If you Google around, there's plenty of people who've had problems with keys either not working, intermittently working, or spamming letters very quickly.

  • Ronnie D. Yapo - Swelling Is Gone and Tarter Is Off.

    This works, if you say your pet doesn't like it, well, it's your fault. Your suppose to be pack leader and be positive to your pet. Remember, your pet senses everything you feel. Anyways, I have 2 dogs and they love it, in the beginning, they were skeptical like I was, but they eventually began to like it. One of my dogs does not chew on things and got lots of tarter and was losing teeth and the gums were red, after a month the redness is gone and the tarter was easy to come off after I scraped on it. The vet asked what I did and she said great, keep doing what I'm doing.

  • Habakkuk - Perfect.

    I'm in the army and in an rotc program, I bought these to replace my aging PT shoes for running and general exercise.

  • Cynthia Reynolds - A must have for Halloween

    We do Halloween big in our neighborhood and this really is the icing on top of our display! Everyone loves it. There are options to download other holidays and themes online and it does come pre-loaded with themes. Excellent!!!!

  • J. Uden - Timbuk2 Quality Product

    I purchased this bag alongside the TImbuk2 Deluxe Messenger Bag. While they are both built to the usual Timbuk2 quality that we've all come to love, enjoy, and expect, I did end up sending this one back. One thing I didn't anticipate when ordering was that it would be so much smaller than the classic messenger, or the deluxe messenger that I ended up keeping. The large Command bag is only listed to have a capacity of 26 litres, while the large Classic messenger is 36 litres. I owned one of the classic messengers for years and loved how big and roomy it was. I was very disappointed when this arrived and found it was much smaller than the 'large'ness that I am used to. This is the only reason that I didn't like it. I need something to hold all of my things and this wouldn't have been big enough.