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  • For Fairness - Security hazard- Inuit says it stores personal information in countries with low security

    Huge security breach for social security numbers, bank account and other personal/business security information.

  • israel - no work

    i try it and it dont work with w7, it keep saing, the driver was not install proper and there is not online help is ps

  • latinankc - Love This Product!

    I started taking this about 3 weeks ago and this is probably the best weight control pill that I have ever taken. It really gives me awesome appetite control and I only eat about half of what I used to eat. My problem was overeating and this worked a miracle for me. It gave me extra energy which got me motivated to start walking. With both this product and walking I am feeling so much better than I did three weeks ago and my family noticed all the changes in me before I even did. I recommend this to anyone with weight issues and looking for help, this is the product to try, if it worked for me it will work for you!!

  • Gina Garcia - Alittle disappointed by GM

    Disc does work but doesn't show some roads in my area, seems like GM is slow to update roads that have been there 2-3yrs

  • Ira Marks Davidson - Roomba, I Love Ya!

    With a dog, cat, and husband - this has been a product that delivered! It does everything that the reviews say. At first, I ran it two times a day. (Do not know why). Everybody is facinated with how smart this thing is. After four years of marriage, my husband will finally pick up his flip flops. Not because I ask him to, but because the Roomba is a coming. Note to pet owners - get the water bowls up off the floor!

  • James Dell - Slow

    Takes a long time to load up on my Dell xps 8000 with 6GB of memory. Also just like 2010, 2011 & now 2012 can't handle a very large file from FTM 2006. The file contains 500K + individuals. I have tried the low memory import option and it has been running for 18 hours so far.