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  • Yvonne Kimbler - Need a boost?

    To get that extra boost you need this does the job. I found that you need to stir the stick several times and then let it sit in the water for a bit to get it all out. I really didn't notice any change in the taste of the water after using this. It did give me that boost that I needed to get through the rest of the day. I do like that it is in a sealed pack and it has a sticker you need to remove before putting it in water. Make sure that when you remove the sticker you do it with the stick facing up or everything falls out. So what did I get from this? I got the extra boost I need in a simple triangle stick. It is easy to use and there is no real clean up when using it. All you have to do once you get the water mixed up just throw the stick away.

  • Amazon Customer - A very positive experience overall

    4-stars. A very positive experience overall. While I agree with another reviewer that importing last year's 2013 turbo tax data failed miserably, getting the same error messages that he did, I did not have a similar experience with saving data that I input manually. Fortunately I didn't waste much time trying to get the importing to work. Like so many others, I switched from Turbo Tax because of their policy to reduce the functionality of the program that had worked well for me the prior year, attempting to force a substantial increase in price. Fortunately, I found that TaxAct provided a very complete program with nearly every form even some of the most sophisticated filers would need in preparing their returns. The program required only a modest learning curve and was fairly straight-forward in appearance and appears to be generating a very accurate return. In addition, I liked the fact that I was able to order the cd version of the program (having it mailed to me) and still download the program online to multiple computers without restriction. As a former tax preparer and consultant, I would recommend it for those looking for a reasonably priced solution to their tax preparation needs.

  • S. Mallett - Must have for a Baby!!

    In my opinion, this is the BEST diaper Cream on the market!!! Although its a little pricey, it works amazing well! It was the only cream that would clear up stubborn diaper rash for my daughter. We use it at night for overnight protection and it works very well at prevention. She rarely gets bad diaper rashes. We also put some on her cheeks/ chin for when they get chapped due to the cold weather! Love this product! Worth the money!!