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  • northwestpeach - Good as a finisher . . .

    It does a great job of "finishing" your smoothing process. I use one of those large cheese-grater-looking things to get callouses off, and then smooth with this. The combo works well. This alone just is not strong enough to really get callouses and hard skin off of heels.

  • it's all gone to the dogs - This stuff works great, if you're patient

    This stuff takes about a month to see results, so be patient. I use it on my vinyl fence where it isn't easy for me to pressure wash. It's lasted over 12 months, but I'll likely use it every 12 months just in case.

  • Luci L - Excellent product!

    I have tried countless sleep aids, because I rarely am able to fall asleep on my own. I would much rather always use natural products, so when I discovered this and was also able to try it for a promotional price, I was really eager to see if it would work for me. After trying it several times, I can say that it definitely DOES work. When I take these capsules, I feel relaxed and fall asleep easily...gently, and it feels like a natural process-nothing at all like prescription sleeping aids work. There's no strange 'drugged' feeling with these capsules. After taking these, I wake up feeling like I have had a good night's sleep-with NO groggy feeling. As for the appetite suppression, I can't really say, because I take it before going to bed, but I definitely agree with the claims of improving mood and reducing stress. I also sleep through the entire night, which is something I usually never do. I will be repurchasing them again, and I completely recommend these for anyone who has a tough time switching off at night, and wants something that isn't going to leave them feeling dazed and hung-over the next morning.

  • gunshow - First impressions were obviously great packaging and a great looking jar

    I purchased this product not necessarily to treat acne scars but other blemishes and scars from over time. First impressions were obviously great packaging and a great looking jar. Then the cream itself. The touch and feel is great and goes on easy. As the long term effect will be updated down the road this product is so far so good even if it acts just as a moisturizer.

  • Dan Active - Great rack

    I have enjoyed the rack thus far. I have a Hyundai Sonata and can easily get in and out of the trunk. I opted for this rack so that the platform folds upright; however, the main draw back is the added weight. It is pretty heavy especially if you plan to take on and off frequently.

  • NANI BEE BOP - It's OK....

    This item is not worth the money, if you are just starting an exercise routine then maybe this is for you but, honestly it's to easy, I have powerful legs and am in pretty good shape, however I need tension to go against when I work out and this item doesn't do it for me. I get a better workout doing classic crunches and my recumbent bike.

  • Cris - Really excellent product

    Great product! Will buy this product again. Used it immediately after my workouts and saw results in a matter of weeks. Had a little excess skin under my arms and belly and really trimmed and cut up my arms and abdomal.