Accueil - Louez à Faounzina, en Corse - Pour vos prochaines vacances en corse, pensez a nos locations, la tranquillité du lieu apaisera la fatigue et le stress accumulé tout au long de l'année.

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  • Geminigirl - Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream

    I began using this product last winter as my leave-in and it worked wonders on my hair. I usually use about a quarter size finger full on each section of freshly washed damp hair (after it has dried a bit under a t-shirt)and add either grapeseed or olive oil to seal it; braid/twist it over night to dry. The next day I spritz it a bit with water then add a moisturizer then hair butter (once or twice I've used ECO styling gel on top of the butter/milk/styler) and have never had problems with flakes or had white balls of product build up in my hair by combining the products (although I have heard many others who have experienced this problem). It has a very pleasant light scent that lingers but doesn't bother me as I am not too sensitive to fragrances; it has a creamy somewhat thick consistency that melts into my hair as I apply it.

  • Jenna12583 - AMAZING!!!

    Ido recommend!!! This game is everything I hoped for. It has so many animals to choose from!!! Thank you so much for making this game!!!!!

  • Jose B. - don't waste your time

    don't waste your time. i would give it negative stars i it was an option. this movie is bad all around. bad acting, script, directing, story, did i mention bad acting. like one of the other reviewers said "cheap porn, without the porn".

  • Amazon Customer - This unit is perfect for my needs

    This unit is perfect for my needs. It charges up my electronics quickly. I am totally satisfied with my purchase.

  • James E. Cook - An excellent source for any photographer!

    Bought this for my Photographer Partner and can say there is a lot of detail in the book. A lot to read, but very valuable information on the Market and exactly how to submit stuff.