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  • Serene Night - Great!

    Egyptian Licorice tea is my new favorite tea. It taste great, is mildly sweet with just a hint of cinammon. Also, it seems to really soothe my acid reflux which is a big plus. This tea is can be found in most health food stores and is a *must* for fans of herbal teas and those looking for a pleasant unusual tea.

  • Maurice McInally - Earth is a "Flat Plane" - believe it.

    Earth is a "Flat Plane". Anyone who takes the time to read the bible and pray will be able to say with me, that this is true, The Book is a real confirmation of the truth in the Holy Bible. All we have to do is open our eyes and take time to question NASA and the big bang and we'll see they are hiding the Truth, thanks to Mr Brett Salisbury.

  • Johnathan Ross - Perfect for the K1

    The packaging was very well done, left no questions about product quality. Fit right on my Nvidia Shield K1 without a hitch, especially love the dust remover that was included. Will definitely recommend this product!

  • Teri Guthrie - Great so far

    Husband and I are in early 70's and the Sole Fitness is working out great since we live in a rural area with no sidewalks and way too much rain. The treadmill is easy on the joints and so far no problems with the mechanics. Arrived on time and easy to set up, if you read the directions first!!

  • Yellowstone - Same-o, Same-o!

    Just another terrific rendition of the World's greatest Internet security program. This is my fifth year using it!

  • Rennat - Fast and fun car

    Our third Prius. We still have a 2003 Prius and a 2008 Prius. The 2008 has 181,000 miles on it. (Still going strong.) My wife drives this new 2016 Prius Four. Best car yet. Buy one if you can. Power mode is a hoot to use too! This is a new feature for Prius. Very quick when used.