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  • Adam Sinkiwskij - Low Budget

    I think Adam Savage from Mythbusters is a better actor than any in this movie. So glad I seen it free with my prime membership and did not actually pay for this thing. If you like low budget movies then you may enjoy it, it just hard to get past the acting.

  • Allison M. Paul - Surprised by Results

    I am dyslexic and have been struggling w/ reading comprehension my whole life. I did some research on supplements and came across Choline and loved what I read. Most studies have been done on pregnant lab rats who were given Choline and their offspring had a noticeably higher rate of learning and cognition. I've been taking 1 pill (450mg for women not pregnant or nursing/550 mg for men/650 for women pregnant or nursing) and am truly surprised at the results. I read over 300 pages a day as part of my profession and have found that I am taking less notes and retaining a great deal more than ever. I attribute this (placebo or otherwise) to Choline and Piracetam, which I've been taking twice daily along w/ the one dose of Choline.

  • David W. Spatz - Great online solution

    We are installing a cloud server, and getting the software to the Cloud from physical media can be a pain. By using their download site, we were able to copy directly to the new Cloud Server and have the client up and running quickly.

  • Tre' Stephens - Awesome and Highly Recommended.

    Has my computer clean and running beautifully. Just the product I was looking for. Highly recommended for a cleaning and performance product.

  • Matthew Baillie - Great, all-around entertainment powerhouse.

    I am enjoying this product very much. I prefer this to the PS4 because it is an all around entertainment hub and not just a game console. If you're a hardcore gamer then you may not need these capabilities and the PS4's pros and cons would be a better fit for you. They have updated the console and it's features several times since its launch so they worked out the initial kinks pretty well. I use the voice controls often for tasks and navigation and they work pretty well for the most part except when there is a lot of background noise. I haven't used the motion controls for games that much but I can tell that it has improved a whole lot from the 360s Kinect. Some apps don't function all that well but I think that that is probably across all consoles due to their poor development and implementation. I highly recommend getting the Xbox One Media Remote if you use any streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Video. I also highly recommend reading reviews for games post-release before buying them. There have been a number of hyped up games that didn't turn out to be very good when they came out.

  • Sarah K - it's okay

    It works okay if you want a quick fix for some ugly counters. I applied this approximately 4 months ago and there are parts of my counter already peeling up. I would suggest someone use evirotex or an epoxy like it for a more sturdy and long lasting top coat. (just make sure you follow the directions for evirotex to the T) You do not have to buy a kit to have great looking faux granite counters, it's all in the way you paint it yourself. Get some samples from your local home improvement store that you like and go buy your own paint with an epoxy top coat.


    LOVE this TV! I was a Vizio fan for the longest time, but I have to say that this LG really is a pleasant surprise. Really good sound from the speakers (my 32" Vizio sounds like crap), and the LED display is absolutely gorgeous! It's almost edge to edge, whereas my Vizio has a bit too much bezel on it.