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  • MissVee - Scam! BEWARE!!

    Purchased the MagicJack Plus this past summer (2012) and about a month ago (December 2012) suddenly the 3 numbers I call most stopped working. When I dial my mothers house, my own cell phone or my office I started getting a recording saying, "To purchase pre-paid minutes please visit ". After doing some research I learned that they will monitor the calls you make and after a few months, you'll get the same recording on your most frequent calls. The customer service will get you caught up for hours having you unplug, cycle off, re-plug, try this and that.. they'll pretend they are messing with settings on their end. The know exactly what you are talking about because it's the new #1 complaint of customers. They'll point you finally to their new TOS (which, if you google, is full of FCC violations - namely the vague "..we may require prepaid purchase or we may charge you for calls to conference lines, platforms and certain non-ILEC area calls, or any call wherein we incur a cost from another carrier. " Which basically gives them 'permission' to charge you for any call they want to-- which will be the calls you make most.) Free phone calls for life? Sound too good to be true? IT IS. Buyer Beware!

  • popeye1 - Nice

    It works well with my high performance HP computer. I used to use Norton Internet Security for 3 years until I bought a windows 7 pc. After several months of use, I would get boot up problem with blue screen, needing to restore to an earlier date for it to function. After uninstalling Norton and using Kaspersky, I get no more issue. In fact, this security software works as good as Norton, no virus whatsoever. I love their Safe Money feature which give me a peace of mine when banking and buying from online stores. Great stuff!

  • harry - love this book

    bought this because of the positive reviews and did not regret it. my daughter says it is a fun book to study ACT which is a great help. she uses it to supplement the "Real Act" reviewer.

  • Jason M. Hendon - Good idea for a new player

    Good idea for a new player, or even a more experience one. It takes the songs and puts them in a game setting similar to Guitar Hero or Rockband. For people like myself, that makes practicing more appealing and easier to get into. It has dynamic difficulties on all the included songs and dlc which allows you to either play with all the notes, or a fraction of them so you can learn the song at your own pace. For beginers this allows you to get used to moving around the neck of your guitar and learning the basics of the song before becoming overwhelmed. It also has a few built in lessons to teach you more advance techniques.

  • kim henderson - confused!

    I'm on my second bottle of cellfood and I honestly can't say whether it's working or not.I'm am not sure what the cutoff time should be. I have surpassed the"detox" period as I have been on it for a few months. I can't say I have noticed anything different in my energy levels as so many people state in their reviews.I am confused when researching the honesty of the claims by the inventor- is/was it the same product as a drain cleaner?If it does what it claims(or what people are claiming), why did the inventor die of a long standing illness in his early 70's? My hair actually became quite brittle after taking it and I wrote to the company asking if it was a side effect. The reply was very helpful and he took time to write it(no, not a side effect he had heard of). So, I realized I was not taking the actual dose suggested, and upped the dose(hair got better).Again,knowing things take time to work,still on it, but I can't report anything!It also states it kills ecoli on contact, why isn't it everywhere and used in every hospital?

  • Nick - High expectations, low results

    I was extremely excited to try Advocare 24 Day Challenge and was told great things about it! Many co-workers of mine had done it with mixed results and so I had expectationscsince I eat healthy and exercise 5 days a week. Well, the 24 Days have come and gone and I didn't lose even one pound. I did everything right but don't know why I didn't lose.