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  • dara bromm - It's really sweet and life-like when it breathes and makes sounds

    My 7 year old daughter purchased this pup with birthday Amazon gift cards. She LOVES it! It's really sweet and life-like when it breathes and makes sounds. Very happy with the purchase!

  • Betsy18 - Easy to use

    The program is easy to use if you understand basic computer commands. I have my recipes in many different files, word and publisher as well as Pinterest. It is easy to copy and paste to the Living Cookbook. It is going to be a breeze to move all my recipes to this program. The program calculates the nutritional values which is awesome since alot of my recipes didn't include this. I have only used the program a half hour so I'm sure I haven't discovered all the functions. I have not printed the recipes yet.

  • James P. Menghi - Great, Easy install, flawless

    These crossbars installed easily. I lacked a torc wrench, but found a knowledgeable person who helped finish the installation. The worked flawlessly on a long trip, at very high speeds with cross winds.

  • S. Anderson - Thumbs up from a South African!

    I bought this a gift for a friend from SA. We both tasted the Biltong and I found it tasty - less salty/spicy than American style beef jerky. My friend was in love! She told me that it's tastes very authentic. The texture was also softer than American beef jerky. All in all we both enjoyed it - and love the fact it was made nearby in NYC! I purchased this item at a discount and agreed to provide an unbiased review.

  • glimmer twin1 - Worst ending of any book

    I have read my share of dump endings but this one takes the cake. The book was ok about avg for series, a 3 star book until the end. Boy did it get unreadable quick.