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  • Deborah A Davis - Not what I expected

    It is okay but not what I expected. Nothing against Nature's Way. Holy Basil doesn't meet my needs.

  • J. Holland - Solid product

    Worked as expected. Very easy to put on/take off. As mentioned, the front bar needs to be fully extended to fit. I used it to mount a ski rack and drove from IA to CO without any issue.

  • Raeto - Evil in its purest form

    It shows you how little you know about history, how school programming leaves you with an ingrained perception and understanding of reality which has nothing to do with reality. It's a perfect game of deception and perception. The energy of the pain suffered by all the people must have reached galaxies far away. Any sane being may it be extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional in this universe understandably stays far away from us. No wonder are we not allowed to leave earth as we would only spread unimaginable horror wherever we would go. It deeply hurts me to realize that I am part of beings capable of inflicting such utter horror upon their fellow beings. The mere thought of all the atrocities comitted makes me weep forever. How can we not realize that we are living in paradise created by good but governed by evil. How can we treat the earth which allows us to exist in the first place with such disrespect and arrogance. I'm ashamed of calling myself human and look forward to the time when I'm allowed to leave this experience and dimension to unite again with love and the creator. The ultimate ignorance is to reject something one has not investigated. Love is King and evil must be defeated.

  • bhlsbgj - So far so good :-)

    I just received this book and am only 34 pages in but I already feel compelled to write a great review. This is probably the 5th or 6th Access book I've read and it is like no other. I know a lot about Access basics but being the OCD perfectionist that I am, I decided to start from page 1 (well, page "ix" to be exact LOL) just in case there are little tidbits about the basics that might help me out along the way. I wasn't disappointed. The explanations in this book (even for the "simple" stuff) are amazingly detailed without being overly technical and dry. I'm learning things about Access that I never knew (like the difference between object tables, transaction tables, and join tables). I'm not a technologist... just a random office worker who got a wild hair up her butt several years ago to learn Access one day. I've never been formally trained with regards to databases or the theory of database design. Book learning and hands on practice are all I have to go on. I'm now a self-employed sole proprietor and use Access to keep up with all of my business-related transactions. Being able to design my own database has been a great learning experience and a huge money saver thanks to books like these. I'm currently trying to learn enough to build a database to track my family finances. I'm looking forward to finishing this book and updating my review with more good stuff. Thanks to those who worked hard to make such a comprehensive, easy-to-read book about a potentially VERY boring topic!!!

  • Golfnut - Excellent guide

    This was our first trip to Italy and this travel guide came in very handy. Rick Steves did a fine job in describing all aspect of travel to Italy and his rankings of what to see were spot on. Moreover, the sections on general travel to Italy were very informative and quite helpful.

  • LovePortofino - Hands down the best tool in your diaper caddy.

    This is one of those experienced mom recommendations. I always knew it worked well - at the first sign of redness, one application cleared up any irritation. Recently, a close friend's newborn had one of the worst diaper rashes I've ever seen. It looked like a horrible strawberry (you know those things you get when you skin your new across carpet). Pediatrician provided a prescription for creme. She used that for a couple of days, and it wasn't clearing up that quickly. Within 24 hours of using this, the rash was gone and just a bit of redness was left! It was amazing. I'd post a picture but I'm afraid it'd be classified as inappropriate. :)