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    City: -77.4728 Virginia, United States

  • oscar farias-ayala - Great entertainment device!

    Very good entertainment device for the whole family! Peoplr can play video games , watch Youtube, go online , watch hulu, netflix, Twitch for games , watch DVDs in Blue Ray . Sleek design and color blends in with any tv stand .

  • Robert B. Killian - and I have come to absolutely hate it. The straps and buckle are incredibly difficult ...

    I bought this seat from a local boutique, and I have come to absolutely hate it. The straps and buckle are incredibly difficult to adjust, and I can't really get a proper fit. We've re-read the manual, have re-installed the seat, etc., but we cannot figure out why the straps won't adjust properly. I ended up going back to my Orbit toddler car seat, which has its own issues, but at least I could strap my son in properly.

  • Trek Biker - Not Worth Upgrading

    Been a loyal Quicken user for 20 yeas. It makes managing my finances much easier. I upgrade every two or three years. But this upgrade wasn't like any before it. It REQUIRES Microsoft Net Framework to operate. Net Framework is one of the most insecure components of Windows. It requires practically daily security updates. It is almost as bad as having Java on your computer. I installed Net Framework against my better judgement. I had removed it from my Windows installation due to security concerns. The new Quicken converted my data. First thing I noticed was the sluggishness in moving around the menus and different screens. And finally, there wasn't much new. Maybe better access for Mobile Quicken for tablet/phone users. That's it. Why Intuit decided to require Net Frameworth to operate Quicken is unknown. I decided to revert back to my Quicken 2011 and remove Net framework permanently. I may lose some bank update capability but no insecure software is knowingly running on my computer. Especially financial software.

  • jay state - 👌

    This is such a great alternative if you prefer not to take antibiotics. The first day of taking these I felt 80% better. I recommend these to all my family and friends who have history of bladder infection or uti. If your symptoms don't improve after a day or two, you should defiantly see a doctor though. You may have kidney issues. Bottom line, try these!

  • Jordan - Thought it would be softer

    I bought this thinking it would be a little "gellier" than it is. It's kinda stiff and has a weird odor to it. I figure it would break in and get softer w/ prolonged use, but not really at all :-/