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  • Summer Davis - Good Night's Sleep, Woke Easily

    I usually hate taking night time sleep aids because I feel worse in the morning despite having slept 8 or more hours. This was mild enough that it helped me fall - and stay - asleep, but didn't make me feel like I had been hit by a pack of trampling elephants the next morning.

  • goddess18 - Balmex Works!

    I discovered this product when my children were babies. It has earned a place in my home ever since. First because it works really well and secondly because of its mild smell. Yes it is very thick, paste like actually. The texture is why it works so well. It creates a barrier on the skin which stays put until you remove it. It works well on all sorts of skin irritations. The ingredients are the same as in the adult version. This 16 ounce jar is the better value. I gave it four stars because it is messy to open. There is no way to open the seal without it getting all over your fingers. I suggest waiting until you need to use it to open the seal. Save yourself one clean up.

  • Scott Madden - I love the huge picture on the box too

    Very effective in helping to eradicate our pest problem. I love the huge picture on the box too, it got a lot of looks from everyone in the post office when I picked it up.

  • Mahbod - A toy for a boy in an adult skin.

    I had a blast playing with my nephews and my brothers(most of them adults). We were enacting starwars, WWII ,and wild west duels. It is much better and real than sitting on the coach and play video game.

  • Lorraine Skeen - ) I guess they just tell everyone my sense of humor is a good one.

    I wish I could use it for under eye darkness as well as upper lid puffiness. Nothing can help my deep smile lines at the corners of my eyes. :) I guess they just tell everyone my sense of humor is a good one.