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  • DR ZEN - Helping with dental issues

    Seems to be helping with tartar and plaque on Max's rear teeth. Have been using about 1 month now along with Vetri-Science perio-support. Gums are much improved, now pink not red, tartar seems softer and has changed color from yellow to dull white. I believe these products in combo are definitely working.

  • Lanette - Best guide

    Wouldn't do taxes without these annual guides. I'm told the IRS even uses them because they are well organized, easy to use and have more information than the Treasury Dept.'s employees. Always on top of new rules and contain instructions for all personal forms. Large, thick and heavy.

  • Keith Rawlings - Great, Great Book for the Married Guy!

    I really enjoyed this book. All of the author's tips work - I have started my MAP and am already realizing the benefits of it. His whole point about fixing "us" instead of fixing the wife is really the first step to having a better marriage with more sex.

  • Bert - So So

    too small of a blade - the last one I had was larger and easier to use. This one works but you have to go over the area several times to get all the hair. Otherwise fine. If I had my choice, I'd have one with a thicker blade.

  • Jennifer B Hoyt - Great gift for collectors

    My son loves it. Got it for him for Christmas. He was able to put all his Quarters he has been collecting for years. Very detail with great information.